Why did i have these dreams?

  • it was the night before my birthday,i went to bed alittle earlier than usual,i did not eat or drink anything funny before going to bed and i didnt watch anything scary. so first i had a sleep paralysis(sorry if i cant spell that good)attack,i was laying in bed and heard a man screaming at me and he accused me of worshipping Satan and what not,i couldnt see him but i can feel something pressing down on me and squishing me,i felt a weight on the left side of my breast and i was able to speak but the voice just kept talking over me as i tried to defend my beliefs(im an agnostic)and i felt more angry than scared i just wanted to be able to pull whatever this was off of me. i woke up,hugged my dog,watched the tv for abit then went back to sleep and had another nightmare but this time i dreamt of petting a dog(i love dogs so much and they always make me feel better)when all of a sudden it started speaking to me and said more satanic things. could there have been an entity of some sort attacking me in my dreams that night? and if so what did it want from me?. i prayed so i wouldnt dream like that anymore and so far i havent had anymore nightmares but it still makes me wonder.

  • Hi

    I dunno how old u is or if u attend school. but is it so where u are in daily whereabouts prohibited, hindered, stopped, shut down for voicing ur inner most personality, beliefs, knowledge? sometimes is nightmares a mirror of worst case scenarios that plays in awake life in our every daily lives. so if this is the case u need to vocalize ur stand n mark ur lines more. in end its ur life no one elses.

    IF u feel strong it is an entity i strongly suggest u light a white candle, ask arch angel michael to shield u in a protective bubble n fend of anything n all that tries to harm u as u sleep, also ask angels of protection n healing the same thing. wait in what u feel in ur gut what is an appropiate time frame n blow out the candle. I mention this as when we sleep a lighted candle aint smart. fire hazards n all.

    i hope this helps.


  • thank you charmedwitchbente,i just turned 21 on january 30th and i do sometimes feel hinderd in some ways on account of im afraid of opening up about some things,not to friends but to my own family. and if it was an entity i really dont understand why it would all of a sudden choose to pick on me because i try to be a good person,im a good person not because im trying to impress a deity but because i put myself in other people's shoes and treat them the same way i would like to be treated. and im not into drugs or anything that would be destructive and i dont play around with black magic or anything like that,i try to read tarot cards and what not but thats about it.

  • On the open to fam, who says u have to? I had the same n i started to write about it, i got it out of my system that way. painting is another way to deal with it. main question is, do they seriously need to know? Then again opening up ur mouth n say ur piece will show them u aint a push over. Always think, this is MY life, Im the one who has to LIVE IT, they do NOT.

    hope this helps sweetie,.


  • thanks again,its not that im all that worried about what they think its just that if i ever ask my folks something they end up arguing over it and driving me crazy!and to this day i dont know whether my middle name is catherine or theresa0.o and i guess your right the dreams stopped and thats all that matters.

  • Thats good to hear, so on the issues u fear bringing up write about them or paint them out of ur system, or whichever hobby u do to get it out of system. i wish u the best sweetie


  • Hi, The feeling I got from reading your post was that your parents may be very judgmental regarding your beliefs. I think you seek or search for answers and have a lot of garbage maybe that was put on you by other's beliefs. I would still seek for answers.

    Myself, I am a very solid believer in Jesus Christ. I am fascinated by the Bible. My faith has been strengthened by personal revelation.

    If you ever encounter a threatening spirit again say, Give thanks always.

  • charmedwitchbente and dalia,i appreciate the advice from both of you very much and i do feel like my parents are holding me back,i do feel rediculous being in my 20s and still living with my parents. i"d like to leave the nest but even if i wanted to just sneak off and leave i dont drive nor have id or anything like that(i do work but im employed by my mom)and alittle while ago me getting a passport came up in a conversation and even that made them argue<.<..... all i really want is to be able to take responsibility for my own life i mean come on im 21 years old now do they expect me to turn into one of those losers who still live with their parents at 30 or 40 something years old and sit around in the basement on the comp all day?

  • Well there is a cure for it. Get out, get on a bus, get downtown, and get those papers. dont let them hold u back.in end effect the change u wish want has to come from urself. no other way im affraid, BUT that being said i KNOW u can do IT! i have FAITH in u !!!!!

  • ^thanks

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