Pushing Through the Gemini Glass Ceiling

  • Hi Everyone,

    I know Geminis have an infamous reputation of being flighty, flitting from one person to another, being die hard romantics with rose colored glasses on and getting bored with people very easily...all the good, fluffy stuff. Lol. I am curious to hear from anyone who has pushed past all those lovely Gemini stereo types and found real, concrete love.

    Has anyone been able to overcome this?

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  • I am a gemini.. You must keep things interesting to hold our attention, and we are very loyal to those we love.. Though we are social butterflies we need out time me time.

  • Im a gemini and have been in a relationship for the past 8 years.... a long time for a gemini if what they say is true! Hes a cancer and although everything you read says we're not compatible and even though he drives me mad sometimes I think thats why it works... he keeps me on my toes, keeps me guessing! In fact Id say hes more flighty than I am in a lot of ways!

  • Daisyfairy, you are so right they really do keep us on our toes. I am a Aqua and I think we are so good together. They do have those ways about them but they are interesting. I think they love attention and are wonderfut lovers.

  • many many times lol!!!!

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  • Coffeegem, you are so correct, there's nothing worse than knowing when you will outgrow a person, it happend it me with an aquarius I was seeing, we were really in love but in different place, I know it was going to be over and he thought some day. Good luck with your Aries.. That is my moon sign.

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  • Coffeegem, I run away from any guy that stares at me for too long especially when the get caught and don't look away. The always seem to be the put on a pedastal types... Nothing intriging or suprising there.

  • My dad's gemini and my mom's aries. They fought a lot but they never once thought they would rather be with someone else. Dad died 13 yrs. ago. Mom says he visits her even after death especially when it comes to reminding her to lock the back door. This door leads directly to her bedroom that she had the habit of forgetting to lock it. She said he would knock and she knows its him telling her to lock it to this day. I guess, yes, gems are loyal to those they love.

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  • I only know a little bit of my parents' courtship. Mom used to say that Dad was eyeing her since she was young and when she was old enough he started courting her. Dad always wanted to be with her until he died. But they fought a lot because Mom was "domineering" or spoiled. She had her wishes and he allowed it -- a master of patience. But my Mom was jealous not really of women but of things Dad enjoyed on his own ( sort of a down time with family), such as drinking ( a bit of a workaholic), he had lots of male friends. Sometimes he just stayed in the office alone. Our house is two houses away from the office. I would sometimes drop in for all sorts of things-- get some copy paper, type my assignments, sharpen pencils. His only real vice is alcohol. MOm was a musician and Dad appreciated her talent. She mellowed later in life, but as kids we were afraid of her. She's the loveliest mom at 86. She was devoted to my dad all his life.

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  • Know what CG, my mom and dad were like that. He was the patient one...kept quiet while my mom exploded. When she was done, he would simply say, " are you done?" and life goes on.

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