I know me and him were together but whats up?

  • I have a friend Devin and I knew before I knew him, me and him were together in a past life. I loved him before I knew him. My one best friends ever, never ever lied to me and is EXTREMELY in touch with her energy self, says Devin is really into me. And she wouldn't just say that. This is some of our conversation (between me and her) what do you think?:

    Rachel Kelsey

    Igghhhtt I am now 99% sure he likes you



    8:35pmRachel Kelsey

    Why do you think he doesn;t


    Idontknow o.o'' but why do you think he does?

    8:36pmRachel Kelsey

    The way he talks to/about you. Hes body language. How he looks at you nd I can sense I connectin thats soul deep

    But I can also tell he is trying to surpress the feelings.

    FOr mulitple reasons. Not just the age. I'm not sure exactly what they are (I'll try to figure it out later)


    how does he talk about me!? 😧

    and what do you mean body language and how he looks at me?

    I dont see it 😧

    8:39pmRachel Kelsey

    Ughh ignorant muchhh


    oblivious more like it

    8:40pmRachel Kelsey

    Like when him and I and aurie were on the phone together. She brought you up and his voice got all

    like serious and like he was in another place thinking about something.

    And his body language he like leans towards you and gets closer to you whenever possible


    he looks at you and his face just lightens up.

    He gets like this happy look and his eyes brighten.

    (or maybe I am looking to much into things)

  • Maybe I am reading to much into it. My intuition says I'm not but my paranoid self says I am ><''

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