'it's like i've got energy holes in my hands."

  • (this isn't recent, really, i just now found somewhere to talk about it, though. 😄 )

    so, a while ago, let's say october-ish, i've noticed an increase in my extrasensory perception. i'll have a notably fleeting thought that i don't initially pay attention to, and then a short time later, (usually just a few minutes) something will happen in relation to the quick and usually strange thought i had.

    anyway, this particular ability (that i feel i've always had at varying degrees throughout my life, affected by circumstance and all that) has been kicking itself into overdrive for a while now. the funny thing is, it's not developing more depth as an ability, it's just happening more often, if that makes sense.

    tiny backstory: i feel like all of my 'psychic' abilities took a boost when i met my twin soul on feb 21st of last year. (she's a pisces female, i'm a cancer male. we're both 17. but beyond our years in strange ways...)

    AAAANYWAY, my point is, i also 'randomly' developed the 'ability' to see emotions as colors and feel people's vibrations and colors and spiritual textures. (not like, overlaying actual vision or anything, i have to visualize and most of the time i just feel the colors instead of see them.) i'm reluctant to call it an ability because i feel like it's just something in my brain that was bound to click over into working-ness eventually.

    i figured out along with that, that if i touched people with the proper intention, i could insert my energy (which is almost always as positive as i can manage unless i do it by accident) and let someone else's energy flow into me. i can also very gently feel rises or drops in vibrational qualities of people's auras.

    sometimes, since my barrier to these things have been broken down, my energy leaks out by accident, and sometimes people's energies find their way into me! and it's noticeable in my behavior! but so far this has only happened while and after the influence of psychedelics.

    soooo, my inquiry, i suppose, is, do you have any insight to things of this nature? any tips/warnings/similar happenstances?

    also i (and my twin soul) are being guided and molded and contacted by the entity responsible for the 11:11 prompts and basically the number 11 in general (11 is my life path number. bday: 06/29/92). so any info relating to that that you feel is important would be great. :3

    i also read tarot and am getting really really good at it. 😄

    wow, wrote my life story. ha

    OH! and any information on crystal children or rainbow children would be nice. 😄

    thanks you guys. ❤

  • You sound like an empath so you need to learn how to 'turn yourself' off at times in order to rest and re-energise - surround yourself with white light for protection.

    Don't take psychedelics because you can leave yourself open and vulnerable to psychic attack and also to misinterpretaion of guidance and messages.

    it sounds like you need to find a mentor to guide you through the emergence of your abilities. At the very least, do more research on how to use your talents. And it is an ability - which everyone has but one that many don't use or believe in.

  • O:

    interesting, someone gave me some information on spiritual guides a while back, but i didn't really have a place for that info in my life at the time.

  • Tuning into my guides and my Higher Self (God side) is how I have learned the most.

  • I have had my son play the drums and he has mentioned "this energy coming from his hands, that makes him play the drums really fast"...is this similar to what you feel?

  • Wow, very cool! I hope you find some answers!

  • andherson: somewhat, but probably on a less intense scale, since my hands aren't moving or anything. i also feel like i have a good intentive control over the energy flow, if that makes sense.


  • You mentioned the Crystal Child, etc. there is a site www.starchild.com, they have moved the page so hit connecting site. On the left side of page is the column for different topics, etc. Scroll down to "Indigo child and adult" enter there and you'll find most of the answers to your questions you asked and the ones you don't find you'll at least have a better understanding to search with, not so much in the dark..

    You are so an "Empathist" and this you'll need to be careful with this or it can shred you! I mean not from your mind but the others you're picking up on. I couldn't agree more about the "White Light", in situations where you could get yourself into trouble or even just bit off more than you should have, or even if you wish to avoid a situation all together and find it heading straight for you, the White Light will cloak you, whatever it is heading straight for you will pass right on by as if it doesn't even see you! (because it doesn't). So check out that site, move around in there and explore what it has to say, I have a feeling you'll come out with more answers than not, even your question about 11:11, If I'm not incorrect, that would be Michael?

    Feel free to contact me and tell me what you think, I'd be curious. There is a saying/Universal law, "When the student is ready, the teacher will be there". Let me just say that we have a lot in common and wind down on that note. Good Luck hun..

  • i don't think i'm ready for the information that site has to offer beyond crystal and indigo things, because it is getting increasingly difficult to get to that site. it's even threatening malware!

    okay universe, i'm paying attention. haha

    but, Mztyc, i will keep you and the things you've mentioned in mind and look into them. thanks. 😄

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