HANSWOLFGANG....I could really use some guidance with this.

  • You seem to help alot of people on here and I would really appreciate some insight on this relationship. My birthday is 12/19/83 and his is 11/13/81. Him and have a beautiful connection in almost every aspect but we have a communication problem when it comes to discussing important things within our own relationship. He is not speaking to me right now because I randomly broke up with him for issues he was not even aware I had and I immediately regretted it because I should have just talked to him. He is taking time to think but I am soo impatient. We have never fought or argued before. I think I really hurt him...but he has hurt me too so much and he has no idea i think...Will he come back to me, is he punishing me? WHats going on and do we have a future together?

  • Will he come back to me: No

    is he punishing me? Yes.

    WHats going on: trying to be polite and friendly to remain at the surface.

    and do we have a future together? No.

    My birthday is 12/19/83:

    This tells, that you will be dealing with some very creative and youthful energies. This is very mentally creative and as such bestows a certain amount of success. This would apply especially to mental or communications-related occupations.

    You are always romantic, creative, persuasive, and youthful, but also can be irresponsible, crafty or downright dishonest.

    The being is not a static thing waiting to be discovered by you. The being has to be created moment to moment. That is the only way to discover it.

  • Thank you Hans.........When you say creative and youthful energies you are VERRY right! Him and I are both involved in the arts (different kinds though)....and we both definately have that youthfulness with eachother and in our personal lives. I can be irresponsible...crafty..and everything you said but I really do my best to not get in situations where I feel a need to be dishonest...I am however a bit on the "secretive" side, which is something I just do when I feel its best to hold my tongue...but not to harm anyone, in fact..quite the opposite.

    I also really like what you are saying about the "being"....I am not sure if that somehow has something to do with living in the moment and not beong so stuck in the future. I have trouble with that.

    Although you say we don't have a future and he won't come back...I think anything is possible...SAG..."the optimist"......venus in SCORP..."determined".......BUT of course I know it is his will and not mine that will keep us apart if that is really what he wants or thiinks is best. For some reason though...him and I have crossed eachothers paths so many time and have had bad timing...I can tell he is so scared to give into his feelings...but I know he loves me and hopefully he will see that what happened was a very small thing...I did not betray him in any way or show lack of feelings...Minds can change (I am saying this to myself also)....but I won't necessarily wait around for him....

  • Right, this has something to do with living in the moment and not being so stuck in the future.

    He is not your disciple, he is your friend. And you are nobody´s leader. So make yourself clear about it.

  • Thank you HANS...very much! I have a problem with wanting to control other people to do what I want and I think that my will is what is best. I guess you sensed that already though. I know this is wrong.

    I appreciate your guidance much!

  • Life itself is rooted in freedom. You are not amachine, you are not preprogramed. You are utter freedom -- now it is up to you what to make of it. All the alternatives are open, you can choose any alternative, that is your choice.

  • Hanswolfgang, Thank you so much for helping me all those months ago. You were right about what you said.

    I am now in need of your guidance again if you will please.

    I started dating someone much younger than I. He wanted to meet me for several months but I made myself unavailable in a way..we always had a connection that seemed strange...I know why now ..we have a really amazing chemistry, however I cant seem to trust in love anymore and I am obsessing that he may not be over his ex. I believe she was his first love but she did him wrong and he has blocked her from contacting him since he started seeing me...he is so amazing...but I have had a couple of dreams that he wanted to be back with her...I tend to have psychic dreams but also paranoid...i dont know if these r paranoid dreams or foretelling.

    I am so scared to get hurt and be his rebound I feel like running sometimes...but I dont want to hurt him ny doing that..and that would be hurting myself too because I really am starting to develope feelings. My DOB is 12/19/83 and his is 11/12/91.

    Thank you again.

  • I think a part of my concern is also the age...you wouldnt know by looking at us who is older or younger but I think about the future alot and how that might affect things too...

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