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  • I have been with my soulmate for the past 2 years. I know we belong together but he is married. I feel he is staying in the marriage for his daughter. Should I continue to wait for him or is it a case of right person, wrong time? THANKS!

  • Waterhorse, why on earth would this guy want things to change when he has the best of both worlds?

  • I know he is unhappy in his marriage and was even before we met. I feel his wife is very controling and he is afraid to leave.

  • waterhorse, What he feels is irrelavant. What is relavant is that he is married and does have a child and a life separate from you. He includes you when it is conveniant for him.

    Your question of right person, wrong time should be looked at in this light. Maybe you should ask yourself questions about how to move forward and respect yourself in a loving affirmative way ---- Two years is long enough.

  • I have tried moveing on. Have you ever had a soulmate? The connection you have is so strong and when they are not is you life it is like trying to function with a part of you missing. When you lose a soulmate, nothing short of death will ease the pain We talked about our relationship and he said that it is more than just physical. He says he feel the connection too.

  • i think the point remains ... you aren't really with your soul mate if he isn't 100% yours and is 50% someone else's or only yours when he's got 48 hours to share with you, borrowed from another life.

    no i haven't felt a soulmate ... but have you felt what it is to have the person you are married to and have a child with and an entire life and years together with - way beyond your 2 years - betray you with another person?

    even if they are wrong together, even if she is controlling, even if he is miserable - he is married. until he is 100% yours he isn't really yours and he isn't even behaving as a good husband, let alone a good soulmate.

    you are speaking from hurt, and need, which is understandable, we love, and are human. but your love, no matter that it is based in a soulmate relationship, is not more important, valuable, or of a higher order, in anyone's eyes, or the universe's eyes, than the other love/relationships in his life.

  • then make him come to you, if he feels the same connection

    you need validation and equality in this relationship.

    he should sacrifice here not you, because he is married and you are available when he needs you

    if it is ment to be is going to...don't push it

    you are not alone in loosing a soulmate by the way and is not the end of the depends on you how you choose to see it--search some more how to do this

    if you start working on how to fall out of love for him and just to accept that "this experience was beautiful but you can't change any thing in your favor so you should move on" --is going to be better for you in long run

  • Yes, I know my soul mates! And that is plural ....

    Go read TheCaptain thread that explains more so you can Help Your Self get clear of this and find peace!

    Read what thmillin wrote ( Brilliant thmillin !! )

    "you are speaking from hurt, and need, which is understandable, we love, and are human. but your love, no matter that it is based in a soulmate relationship, is not more important, valuable, or of a higher order, in anyone's eyes, or the universe's eyes, than the other love/relationships in his life."

    Loving someone hurts sometime, but a wise person knows that for hurt to stop you must love YOU first.

  • I feel like I am being judged becaused I am with a married man. I am not some heartless, amoral person who is doing this just for kicks. I have thought long and hard about what I am doing. I pray to GOD ( yes the same GOD that I haver sinned against) every night, that If this isn't in his plan, to help me fall out of love and find someone new. So far my feelings for this man grow stronger every day. I thought this forum was a place for people to be able to freely express themselves without fear of ridicule or judgement I do not feel that is the case here. You have a right to your own thoughts and feelings. In the end I only have to answer to one person and I talk with him every night.

  • I ment to say that I DO feel that is the case here.

  • You asked for people's advice and they have given it to you. I didn't read a lot of judgement above. You have asked on a forum for advice so people will be honest and tell you what they think. It is in no way a judgement upon you to point out the facts. You feel a soul mate connection with this man but he is currently unavailable. He has made a committment to someone else and he is deceiving them. I imagine that most people will tell you, if asked, to move forward. Take charge of your own life and let this couple figure out their problems. If he and he his wife decide to end their marriage and he wants to be with you, then you can decide whether you want to be with him. For now though, you are wasting your own precious time waiting for him to make a decision. That is not a judgement. on you. Everyone has emotions that are difficult to control but it is how we choose to react to them that makes us stronger. If a friend came to you with this same question, what would you advise?

  • Also, I find it helpful to keep in mind that people usually do what they want to do. It's really simple. People can justify and make excuses for not acting in a certain way but in the end, we all really do what we want. Not sure if that helps you but I try to keep that in mind whenever I start wondering why someone else is keeping me in the dark and it helps me to make my own decision. I wish you the best. Take care.

  • A real soulmate who has your best interests at heart would not treat you like this and keep you hanging on for two years. He is being selfish and that's not good for you.

    Thnik on this. Perhaps your relationship seems so good because you do not see him all the time. Maybe it seems so perfect because you two do not have to face the dull daily grind and routine of life together that his wife does with him. You say you fall for him more and more while not being with him - this indicates to me you are living in a dream world. Maybe if you two actually lived together, things might not have that rosy unrealistic glow. You say you want more of him, but do you really? Are you prepared to be hit in the face with reality?

  • Stonyeye

    You said I had asked for peoples advice. No, what I actually asked for was a reading but never got that. That's o.k. Most of the people here have advised that I move on, but I can't. There was a reason that this man and I were brought together. I think the reason that neither of of can let go is because we haven't finished what we started. We haven't yet gotten from the relationship what God wants us to learn. When that happens either we will finally be together or I will be led to a new man to start a life with. I do know that one thing I am being taught through this is patience. In the end I am going to follow my heart. It tells me that I am right where I need to be to learn and grow as a person. Thanks to all that posted. I'm sorry that I got so defensive. That is one suitcase of past bagage that I need to get rid of.

  • I see. Well, I'm sorry you didn't get the reading you wanted here. Take care.

  • Waterhorse, I really don't see this man and you being together beyond what you already have. You are settling for a portion of a life with someone, as opposed to having a full life with someone else. He is going to continue making excuses about not being with you...and that's not what a soulmate does. You are being cheated out of having a life with someone who will share your life 100%, who will be a true soulmate to you, and who will build a life with you.

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