My leo broke up with

  • So I am just updating you guys, "going with the flow".................

    I ended up ending our "friendship"

    because I was getting too hurt, It really wasn't a friendship. Although I still want to see him and I want him in my life, I think it's for the best. In reality it was friends with benefits and I can't do that without having someone be committed to me. I told him how I felt already, I even told him I feel that I love him. He says he feels we aren't there yet. We went through almost getting back together, but in the end he says he feels like it's not the right time. Finally, I asked him yes or no are we together because I'm tired of all this. He said "I feel like its not the right time" I said its a yes or no question. He's just quiet for a while and I said " I guess its no then?" and he said "I guess so" then I told him we can't be friends no more. Not because I don't want him in my life, but because I care about him I am getting hurt.

    I deleted contacts with him such as fb and phone number. I am having a pretty hard time adjusting. I'm just wondering do Leo's regret some things? or will leo's (or do you think he) will ever contact me again?

    I just feel used, and that he did not respect my feelings. He knew how I felt. When I talked to him in person about it and asked him what he thought about the situation. He said he never really thought about it. It's just hard because he never tells me how he feels. On rare occasions when he does say things like "I missed you" or "I like this about you" its like he is opening up, but he doesn't express much verbally, I just want to know how he is feeling.

    I sent him an email like several hours when I got off the phone after ending things just to "express" my emotions lol. Right after I hung up with him, I called him again to let out some things I forgot to say such as how he led me on knowing how I felt, and what about last time? because the last time we hung out he said things that kind of initiated we are back together. After that day I just sent a friendly text saying are we back to together to confirm? He totally ignored the question that's what led to this whole confrontation and ending it. I kind of called him jerk also (this was on voicemail =/ I mean he was.)

    In the end, I'm like I am done trying for someone who never even "thought" about, who it never crossed their mind, because I was so special I wasn't even worth a single thought. (I know I was bitter at the moment)

    I just felt like I was the only one trying, and I was. I told him nothing comes easy. Relationships require 2 ppl who if they want it to work, they would work at it. He only cared about himself. I don't know, I mean hes 9 years older then me. I just feel like his past experiences, he would be more mature?

    This man was very special to me. I just don't ever know what he's thinking, he won't open up or tell me how he is feeling, but I do know that he said he sees us "growing old together."

    Let me know what you think? Or any leos what is your perspective? What do you think this guy is thinking? thanks for reading, I know it's LONG lol

  • It just sucks feeling so weak...emotionally.....I can't help it. So it begins no contact, no friends.... I know I am strong and I can get through this. I even picked up an extra job so now 2 jobs + school. lol to keep my mind off things. It gets better everyday.

  • Congratulations on doing the right thing for you. I know it's hard, I've been there.

    Don't keep contacting him. I'm a Leo but I'm not even going to try and guess what his deal is. All I can say is about Leos in general. When we are really in to someone, we let them know it. If we want you, you'll know it. So if this guy seemed uninterested, that probably means he's not into you.

    But who cares? You are young, smart, and very cute. Summers coming up! Treat yourself to a new haircut, by some cute summer outfits, and "get your sexy on!". Have fun and enjoy life sweetie! That's the only way you'll get over dude !

  • What I was trying to say is get your s..exy..y on!

    Didn't know that was a bad word!

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