Need serious help with question regarding to 10 of swords

  • Hi,

    Someone recently did a reading for me, and she got 10 of swords at the block position. My question was if me and my ex boyfriend will be able to reconcile. So this appearance card is scared me. Anyone can tell me if that may not mean the answer is no since it's not at the outcome position? Or if I still have to power to change the situation? Anyone who have practiced tarot, please give me some insight. I'll appreciate it.

  • Bepos I have never gotten into reading a Celtic Cross in 40 years. Without knowing everything else, it's hard 2 say. But I will say this. In some ways the 2 of u r very compatible, at the very least very much alike. Seems as though there has been a lot of fighting, but perhaps he feels u don't understand what he is going through. If it was meant 2b, then a great deal of patience is required in this situation. It will improve, but probably not unitil summer. I do not necessarily see the 2ofu together, but I feel he has some sort of situation which takes precedence over your relationship. When he pushes or argues, u argue & push back, u may need 2 turn a deaf ear. If there is something troubling him which u cannot fix, then u need compassion toward him & he needs the space2get thru it.

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