Any insight would be most greatly appreciated

  • Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone could offer me some help regarding where I am headed in the near future... not necessarily phhysically but emotionionally, relationship or anything that pops out at you. I am 27 years old and have the strongest intuition that my life is about to change drastically and its somewhat unnerving because I have no idea what I'm about to be up against and if it is good or bad. Any help would be so greatly appreciated! Thank you 🙂

  • What's ypur birthdate?

  • December 29th, I am a Capricorn with a Cancer rising 🙂

  • hi there manny rae

    what you are experiencing, is the evolution of your soul and mind. I feel your wanting for so many things... you have enormous capabilities USE THEM!!! you are tripping over your own feet so tie those shoe laces and keep moving forward there is a new money making opportunity on the near horizon, i see in two to three months bravo... a relationship...hmmm you will be coupled very happily within the next three years. this will be your life mate. very lovely. there are three little souls who have picked you to be their parent also very lovely. in the mean time that sense of fear and urgency that surrounds you, let it go. have a lovely day all is well please increase your intake of liquids as i sense some dehydration there.... rock on

  • MannyRae, your greatest fuflillment in this life will come from building a happy family life. But first you must allow yourself to bond with other people and to release and express any bottled-up feelings. You often feel very alone, don't you? Let go of your tendency to dictate to, control or manage others. Learn to be more gentle. Balance your career drives with your need for an emotional life. Perhaps you learnt from your father or an authority figure that displays of emotion are signs of weakness but that just isn't so. It's a good thing to show softness and tenderness toward those you love.The change you are feeling is your heart opening up. Childhood memories are being reawoken and you are re-examining the patterns that were created back then. You are rebuilding your emotional foundations so that you can begin to nurture, nourish, and protect your own more vulnerable feeling side, allowing you to express this to others. Worrying less about rules, rationality, and what's practical, you are beginning to place more value in intuition and instinct. Your goals on this lifepath are to support the growth of others, protecting them and their feelings, giving others the sense that they won't be judged or faulted for making mistakes, and not expecting people to be other than who they are by cultivating empathy and understanding. Then you will experience a sense of belonging, of family, and of emotional connectedness to human beings in general that you have never felt before.

  • Hi there, Just wondering if anyone can see anything in my future concerning financial security and any possibility of a healthy relationship ? I would very much appreciate your thoughts on this. Janet

  • oops I guess you would need my birthdate 3/27 1935 Hyannis, Mass.

  • Thank you so much TwinSoul and Captain !:) You have helped me so much get a grasp on what's been troubling me. I do have three right on TwinSoul 😄 Although I am in a relationship maybe he's not the one? hmmm ... I guess I'll have to wait and see right? Oh yeah... I never do drink enough liquids... unless its coffee (pretty much all day lol) so I'll work on that! And Captain... you are completely spot on on so many points. I do bottle up emotions and it does come from my raising...something I have been struggling with for a while , and it tends to cause much damage in my relationships 😞 I thank you both, and am glad that with a little work it can all be a good thing 🙂

  • you are so welcome mannyrae blessings

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