• This is likely to be an unsettled and suspicious relationship, but also one in which a persistently contentious dynamic moves the action forward in life. The relationship is characterised by impulse and aggression. Things will not go well if you Mimi, feel that your BF, as an arbiter of taste, is treating you in a condescending way. You might see your BF as a snob and his apporach as elitist. Feeling personally attacked on such a level will only cause both of you to take countermeasures.

    No matter how gratifying your love affair is in the sensual realm, your BF might eventually give up on you if he feels he has been made an object of unrelenting scrutiny or criticism. Nor will he enjoy the periodic blowups with you, which tend to knock him off balance. Marriage is unlikely to work here, mainly because your BF's social tastes may be irreconciliable with your wishes in this area. Most often your BF will make friends out of people who are likely to enhance his social and career opportunities. This will be unbearable to you, who keeps your few friends for highly personal reasons, often involving trust and honour.

    You Mimi want to be in love - to be adored and share 'center stage' with someone who returns your passion. But your need for others' approval may prevent you from feeling free to be yourself. Be true to your own unorthodox ideas so that you can develop your own more satisfying self-approval.

    Your BF wants to experience happiness, harmony, fairness, and support with one partner whom he loves. But he must be aware of his dependence on everyone playing fair with him and his search for an ideal, committed relationship in which he can feel compete. But other people can never make him feel whole or that he has permission to be himself - that is something he must do for himself.

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