• In an effort to understand my BF better I was hoping someone could give me some insight into our love relationship.

    My birthdate Oct30 1952 His Sep21 1949

    my rising Cancer His Aquarious

    My moon Aries His Virgo

    Thank you from mthe bottom of my heart to any of you who will take the time to respond to my post.

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  • But Mimi you must have some doubts or you wouldn't have asked about your relationship. Ask me what you really want to know.

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  • What I am sensing from you Mimi is that you fear some sort of punishment or retribution because you feel guilty about this relationship with a married man. You fear you might have to pay by losing the man you love.

    You two indeed have unfinished business from many other lives together. You are always pulled back to each other in some way, not always as lovers - parent-child, siblings, enemies. I feel you have always been catalysts for change in each other's lives. In this one, you Mimi were the catalyst to save your friend from his complacency and indecision when it came to moving on from his marriage. If not for you, he would have stewed for the rest of his life there. Even though he was not happy, he had sunk into a kind of inertia from which he had difficulty pulling himself out of. But his love for you saved him. It was indeed the right thing for both of you.

    I don't feel you doubt that the two of you are right for each other - merely that you fear he might be taken away from you as some sort of punishment for your 'wrong-doing'. Relax, you two will still have to work at your relationship but I think you will be happy together although at times, your friend will seem more like your child. You will have to be gentle with your gentleman as he is very sensitive to any sort of criticism.

    I appreciate you sharing this with me. It's time you asked for support and help - you have given it enough to others.

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  • You're very welcome!

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  • I feel his wife will try and cling onto him and fight - it's not about love, she is just so used to him being around. But he will prevail in the end but he must harbour no ill will towards her. Anything he has in him for her must be released - good or bad. This is another test for him to bring out his fighting spirit and need for change. He must persevere here as he has a tendency to take the path of least resistence. You will help him be strong..

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  • My pleasure! 🙂

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