Capricorn's Unite!

  • All of us Capricorns should stick together, climbing new heights, becoming the best that we can be!

  • You know what? I am a Capricorn and yes I can be crabby and yes become aloof. I think It is because sometimes I think that people just don't think....really I am being serious and it aggitates me to death. I know I sometimes jump to conclusions too. I used to be real bad at this kind of thing when I was young. Throughout the years I have learned to control it. We are also good people and we would do anything for anyone (at least I would) I am a very organized person and when I am not organized, I become irritated with myself. I make sure I have everything in check and if I don't I get aggitated. Once I do, I am happy go lucky.....I can sometimes become sensitive as well. People used to hurt my feelings all the time, but I have been through alot of backstabbers and people who I thought were my friends that turned out to just hurt the H****ll out of me. I have learned not to trust certain people. There are also people who I have been friends with for over 20 years that i would trust with my life. Does any of this make since to any of you Caps???????

  • i think that capricorn woman is very sexy and charming. we are sofisticated, we like the best things of life, and we know that coast a lot of money and hard work. we appreciate all the romantic things, a dinner in a good and expensive reataurant, a bottle of the best wine, a breath-taking view. so the guys that match up with us is Taurus. Cancer is very boring to us, is too perfect, too easy to take control. Sagittarius is very atractive once seduced by us, i like their independende, their own philosofy, but is very difficult to trust blindly, we're afraid to be used.

    this is my view of capricorn and love.

  • Yea thats true. My husband is a Gemini and we are like total opposites. I have been with him for 17 years and I still wonder what's in his head. We do love each other but sometimes I get so lonley and he can be so mean sometimes. All we want is love and understanding. I don't think thats asking for to much........but Iguess it is. I think we are wonderful people too and yes feeling like were being used is really scary.

  • I think that I get along with Cancer people the best. My mother was a Cancer and two of my bestest friends are Cancer too. We just click. My dad is a Taurus and we did not get along for years and years. Now we talk alot but when I was young, we fought alot. My husband is the Gemini. We do love each other it's just hard sometimes that's why I am on this site to begin with. I just want to see if I can figure out how his mind works. I have just stopped jumping to conclusions and accusing him of things and really have sat back and listened to what he has to say. He then in return has explained things to me without us arguing all the time. It used to be total stress all the time. We still have our little tiffs, but I think we are understanding each other much better at least I hope so. When Gemini's get stressed out they really put a block up....does anyone agree with me? There is no talking to him and I just want to help but he blocks me out. What do any of you suggest? I am just trying to understand. Thanks

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