Need ur help desperatly BLmoon PLEASE

  • Hello Blmoon, i was wondering if you could help me with a relationship question?I have a crush on this boy Scott K dob 12-28 and i was wondering if you see us in a long term relationship? thanks so so much for you help! ❤ Jen 2-18

  • Sorry but I let this one go awhile because it was a no and I wanted to wait for more maybe to help any disapointment but mostly I see an unrealistic idea of this attraction. He has a side that will turn you off but crushes are like that--he is a bit immature and has potential but is not there right now. It's ok because you will have many more crushes. You'll just have to trust if you knew him better you'd change your mind. Give him about five years--he'll be a better catch.

  • aww really :*( well thank you so so so much! your very kind 🙂

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