Gemini Questions for me?

  • Is there anything you want to know about gemini girls? I am one & i'm willing to answer Q's

  • hi gemigirl, i'm a cancer guy.. who just got to know a gem girl a couple of mths back..just 2 weeks back.. she suddenly turned so detached and said she needed space...she actually said she was getting to know some1, i was devastated..i mean.. she was very much into me and i was into her..but the sudden change in behaviour...shocked me... we had some nasty arguments.. and that was the last i heard from her... so i would like to know... what is a gemini girl all about..and why did she behave in such a manner...ur inputs would be much appreciated,thanks.

  • Gemini's are very quick to change thoughts.This has happened to me before, me being into a guy and then wanting space and totally ignoring him & being extremely annoyed by him.Give her space and I'm sure she'll regret it,just like I did.We gemini's also need other words we hate clingy guys.So, if she does come back, give her alot of space and don't give her all the attention.It will give her a challenge(something gemini's also like) and then she'll become interested in you again! Hope this helped,ask more Q's if you want [:

  • hi gemigirl, thanks for your input..would love to ask u more qs,maybe via email,cos she does look into this forum..don't wanna make it look if u got an email, we can correspond,thanks.

  • if you keep interacting with her, keep things light & fun. laugh, play, show off your personality, keep an open mind & stimulate her curious mind to keep her interested. 😉 i'm a gem too... G'luck!!!

  • email [i give it out because i rarely use fact my friend shares it with me lol.

    so title the email GEMINI QUESTIONS.

    that way when i sign on..i'll know its you.

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