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  • Hi all,

    I've been urged to send a letter to someone who means a lot to me, as an issue came up last year that left things hanging between us. I've found it hard to forget about it as there were other things that had gone on before it, and this is why I sent this letter.

    I'm wondering if any can see what the result might be here - positve, negative or zilch? Will I be able to resolve this issue for once and for all and move on? I'm just not sure what I need to be doing with a matter that is so close to my heart and soul, other than what I've already done.

    Thanks in advance; I'd truly appreciate any and all psychic insights here.

    I'll be trying to get to doing some readings for others soon too, but have been very busy and emotionally overwhelmed recently, like a whole lot of us. And of course, left with a few questions hanging in the balance ... :))

  • The one holding the letter says--scary. Shocked--a flood of emotion. Mostly fear--what does it mean? Keeps saying what does this mean? They have already made their own answers and came to closed door conclusion and now this. Too much to think about--will be slow digesting. Gets a bit pi ssed off. Dam it! why does she get such a rise from me--what is it between us? There is a uncomfortable nakedness--waters run deep between us. Why is she so fn right all the time and knows it. Why is she so stuborn? No man--- leave it alone--glad to hear from you sister but we just got too much crazy going on between us! Let sleeping dogs lie and look towards the New Moon.

  • PS--Spirit keeps insisting to mention there is a very strong male energy about you--I almost felt you were male though knew you were not. Don't know why this is important or what that means but Spirit says say it.

  • Thanks Blmoon,

    It’s funny you should be the one to reply to this! While it makes me so sad that it appears I may have to leave this one alone forever now, I guess it was inevitable really. I can’t be sure this person has even received the letter yet as our mail delivers to the “remoter” areas three days a week (mon, wed & fri) and I only posted it on Wed morning. But I guess this is what might happen once it’s received.

    I’d hoped I may hear from this fella on a positive note so I can know if we’re going to be able to see each other without awkwardness, but looks like that might be a pipe dream too. What’s new in the world of my personal life anyway? It’s never been easy, so can’t see it getting that way any time soon. Early days of my marriage breakdown it may be, but this situation plagues the sh*t out of me and as busy as I get I can’t seem to get it off my mind.

    Now this male energy you pick up; it may be that of my ex husband. He’s a very strong personality and has had a fair bit to do with why this issue cropped up the way it did last year. He is in a position of being the “wronged” one and I of course, am the one who wronged him. And in his own way, he’s milking it for all it’s worth without making it seem like that.

    I can’t think of what other male energy you’d be picking up around me, so the ex is my best guess.

    Ah well. Even though what you’ve said isn’t quite what I was hoping to hear, maybe it’s what I needed to hear. Who knows?

    As sad as I feel reading this, I thank you for taking the time to write this for me :))

  • Hi, cris 1962:

    You probably do not remember me...you responded to a post I put up in September...and, then I never came back to the boards and just saw your response the other day...I did answer you, and apologised for my tardiness...

    However, as far as your issue goes....I do not have psychic ability...but...I can feel what you are going through...sense the need to explain...to justify...to..communicate...

    Not sure if you have sent the letter, but my advice would be..don't...

    Write it and explain everything in your heart...put it down on paper..agonize over each word..cry over it...but then...don't send it!!

    I think that the writing alone will bring a level of acceptance to you..and hopefully some feelings of peace.

    Sounds like it is a man issue...and...I don't think they respond well in general to this sort of communication. If the time is ever right then you will most likely be able to discuss it with this person. And hopefully, you will then be dealing from a position of calm strength. Seems to me that if you write now...all that will come across is a desperate neediness.

    Again, I am not psychic...but I can empathize with what you are going through..hell...I think I have been there a zillion times before.

    Knowing in your heart that you are strong and good and deserving of all good things..well...it is a starting point to acceptance and moving on..

    Love and Peace, tiggersmom6

  • chris1962

    you are right about the male energy! Spirit says I told you this was important! Oh my, this kind of intense attachment on your energy field needs immediate attention--this very much affects what happens between you and your "friend". You are getting urges and longings and emotions that are too influenced by another--it's like karma. You have unfinished buisness with your x. This is not about right or wrong it's about resolving what really happened. You have not come to terms with why you did what you did--it was so compulsive--like something bigger than you but why? What was the lesson--how did this event define you? AND what was your x's part in it all. Spirit shows me bam! All hell broke loose--great explosions of energy--worlds exploding. Great destruction--something was building and brewing in the most silent of ways. Until one of you heals neither can move on--your x is not letting go of this event and neither are you! Even if your friend with the letter wanted to get close it can not be sustained with that heavy pressence attached to you. You have not yet started fresh--not entirely moved forward--not really let go of the past. You need to make a real visual and spiritual effort to sever the chord to your x in a loving way. It would help if at night before sleep you got yourself in prayer mode and visualized him in a loving way and tell him he needs to heal and it's ok none of it makes sense for now and you are having a hard time too and say we both need to let go and move on. Lets let go of the pain and live a new love. (you don't have to use these words exactly just speak from the heart) Then you imagine a chord attached from the top of both your heads and at the other end it is attached to that time of the breakup--the past. Then you pull out a pair of golden scissors and say let it it go and cut the chord from him to the past and say let it go and cut the chord from you to the past. Picture you both smiling and waving goodbye.Do this for about two weeks and you will feel a positive opening of wisdom and healing come your way.----once that happens you will suddenly see the one you long for in a whole new light--you will get answers and understand exactly where he figures in all this.

  • Hey Blmoon,

    Phew, this is a bit overwhelming! It makes so much sense as I don't feel we parted in any way where we could really deal with what happened. He had a very big part in this sad event, though my part was more of the wrong-doer as such. He gave me an ultimatum which managed to involve the other person - something I never wanted to do. I was trying to be a friend to him at the time; a friend only, as my loyalty to my marriage was very strong at the time, regardless of where our relationship was at. However, that's what I had to do. It was a case of my ex saying "you ring him or I will". This was one of the hardest things I've ever done in my life, yet I felt to blame and that to a degree, I deserved the resultant crap that came out of it as for all accounts, I was set to cheat on my ex, even though that wasn't my intention then. I was and still am powerfully drawn to this other person, but at the same time, I'm not stupid enough to think it means sunshine and roses either.

    I'll do this prayer/cutting cord thing as I believe it might be the "ender" we both need. I've begun to set some boundaries with how much my ex helps me here too. He has been set to give me a hand with something and I've gone and figured out a way of doing it myself so he doesn't have that further hold on me. Nor do I want him thinking he's got to help out his "useless" ex! There are other issues that need ending too with him, and I did gently end one of them last week. I'm praying he'll find someone new quickly so he lets go of me completely.

    As for me, well, I feel like I've got the longest, hardest road to tread at the moment and wonder if I'm up for it.

    Ah well. Thanks so much Blmoon; you've clarified something I suspected here. And yes, it'd be great to see where this person truly figures in all of this ..


    Thanks for the fine suggestion, but it's too late! Letter is already sent. I didn't word it in any way that makes me sound needy, but merely explained my side of the sorry mess and apologising for having to involve him. If he takes it the wrong way, well, I can do nothing about that; it's just bad luck for me. I had to send it as I really didn't want to be confronting by calling, so hence the power of the pen being put to use. My need to clarify this whole thing from my side far outweighed the chance that he might've closed the door on it and me. If I've lost his friendship out of this, I'll be very sad indeed, but again, I can do little to nothing about that except what I've done so far.

    Thanks both of you; this is true food for thought .. 🙂

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