• llindieloo

    You are going through a time of awakening and learning new things. Go for it. It will give you a new sense of self worth. It is like you have opened up your creative side more the last 3 months.

    Pick your battles carefully. You have been dealing with a lot of negativity and this has make you feel restricted and confined. Yet you are being offered opportunities to move forward and experience new things.

    Face your own truth and don't let the past color your thinking and get in the way of your happiness. See victory and demand accountability from yourself and others. Speak your truth.

    New growth, you are getting through your hardest struggles and things are turning around. FOCUS on what you want and go for it. There is movement and new begginings. The Universe is acknoiwledging the efforts you have made.

    Remember to follow your heart not your head and this will bring in the state of happiness you desire.

    Remember what we focus on, negative or positive is the state of desire we manifest.

    Which will you focus on?

  • Dear Rainbowsong,

    Thank you so much for your time and insight. You are so right on! I have said "I am tired of the same old thing over and over" so many just makes me tired saying it right now. I have so neglected myself due to all the anxiety (business I do not feel is making real progress, my husband loves it, and I do love my commute 🙂 ha ). I definitly bury the pain, really try working on the positive. Just need to probably have a good cry, then maybe can deal with depression, and get busy having fun :), ha.

    In the second paragraph I think there might be a word missing after " There is a ________ behind what you see" so I'm thinking (hoping) it might say " There is a (rainbow-maybe 🙂 ?) behind what you see" This is what I would really like to know so thought I just had to ask you if you could remember that. Following is the complete sentence from pg 2, paragraph 2 of my reading.

    < "There is a behind what you see and it is blocked by pain and anxiety. Learn to center yourself and look at it from a centered point of view." >

    I am just so scatttered it is so hard to stay centered and focused, for example when I start running energy I get totally side tracked. Can definitely see the blocked by pain (loss of daughter) and anxiety (fear of homelessness etc..) among others but imagine these are my top pain and anxieties. I am trying to work with and enjoy some of the seeds I have sown, as I get to know and trust myself, people, and the universe more. And am working on breaking those chains. I just wanted to let you know how incredibly right on you were with my reading, and how much I appreciate this. Peace and Love to you Rainbowsong 🙂

  • I would love a reading on my relationship. I am trying to make a decision and I am unable to. My birthdate is December 5, 1969 and his is September 5, 1978. I need to decide whether I should wait for him to call me or whether I should make contact. I do not know how open he is at the moment. Thanks in advance. Monisha

  • I'd like a relationship reading if possible if u don't mind.

    Me: 15/05/1974 9.50 am Liverpool Australia.Currently live in Macquarie Fields Australia.

    Him: 25/01/1974. He lives in Leumeah Australia.

  • rainbowsong. That was very helpful, thank you so much .

  • Hi rainbowsong, thank you for your kind offer. I would love a reading too when you have the time please dob: 30/12/56. Love and light 🙂

  • GJAY

    There is a lot of activity going on in the background that you can't see and it is blocked by pain and anxiety. Learn to center and stay grounded. Look at situations from a centered point of view.

    This is the missing part. I hope it helps.

  • Dear rainbowsong,

    It's good to hear that i'm on the right track. i know i need to think positively and i feel things are getting better in this respect. I have been questioning and repressing my feelings too long but I've done a step or two forward and I'm not going to stop at that.:-)What does it mean that my word is spinning?(excuse my question) Hope nothing pejorative. 🙂

    Thanks so much for your reading and have a nice evening!

  • Dear Rainbowsong,

    Thank you much for the missing part and everything. Actually a lot was my first thought. You have helped me a lot. Bless you. GJ

  • Thank you so much for my reading rainbowsong. Your words are very true and I am trying my hardest to let go of my past hurts, it's taking a while but I will get there eventually!! Bless you

  • Moonalisa

    When I pulled your cards the first word that popped into my head was spinning. I am not sure what it means.

    Could it possibly be because you keep yourself so busy you don't have to deal with your feelings?

    I would pay attention to what happens in the next week.

  • Thanks rainbowsong

  • Hi rainbowsong can you give me a reading if you have time.My birthday is 02/16/1973. thank you in advance.

  • I could use a reading. What do you need from me to do one?

  • Hi rainbowsong,

    I posted earlier and just wanted to let you know I appreciate your time and gift. I wanted to be more specific for you I didn't do that earlier. I am really interested in relationship and love and how things look for the future.

    Thank you so much. I know you are very busy and your time is greatly appreciated.

    Lots of love, van

  • Smallbit

    You need trust yourself and do what you feel is right. You have a tendency to let other people hurt you and you shut down. You need to know if you have questions, you also have the answers. You need to center and learn to listen to yourself. As you learn to listen and do what you feel is right, then your life will open up to new possibilities.

    You have put your request out to the universe and it has been heard. You will see growth in your life when you center and make choices. You need to balance.You are stuck on some level and need to see the positive in some things. Stop worrying and looking for the negative. When you do this, stop and reframe that though to the positive. This doesn't mean to ignore bad behavior. You need to learn to do what you feel is right.

    There is a relationship coming. Don't feel like it is to good to be true. This relationship will help you clear out the pain of the past and you will blossom. You will be you. It will bring in love, joy and fun. Know you are worth of a good healthy, loving relationship with a loving reliable person.

    This will help balance out what you have already experienced. Look closely, but don't be afraid of what is being offered.

  • Hello Rainbowsong,

    I hope you have some time for a reading for me. I could use a little insight. can you please do a relationship reading for me. My DOB is 12/12/1968 his is 25 Aug 1977.

    i look forward to hearing your words.


    Thank you and Gods blessings

  • VAN5521

    you have made a lot of changes and that has shifted things more to your favor. You are being acknowledged for these changes. You have worked hard. This has allowed you to move forward to a new cycle in your life. You will realize the state of happiness you desire. Make sure you keep these thoughts positive.

    You need to make a decision over a relationship. I see a opportunity for growth and you will have an opportunity to accept what is being offered. It will be a good relationship fro you. Take a leap of faith. This will bring joy and happiness.

    There will be a rapid change, make plans. It is almost as if these changes are not of your choice, yet it is a new beginning and you are free to make positive choices.

  • i would love a reading if you have time. my dob is 2/22/73 and my question is about work.

  • Hello rainbowsong, I would love a reading from you please.

    My concern at this moment are job opportunities on the horizon for the next three months or so.

    The Positive and the Negative aspects for 2010 as well.

    I also would like for you to look at my financial status for the next three months also please?


    Thank You In Advance,

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