• I could also do a reading a week if anyone is interested.


  • I am interested.

  • I'm interested too please. My birth date is 17th March 1967.

  • Hi Rainbowsong,

    Was just thinking of asking for a reading and seen your having some issues that I just can't seem to get around my head..maybe thats the problem..ha. If you are up to it that would be great. Just let me know what you need. Thank you and bless you!

  • I would love a reading from you please 31st anuary 1953. Thank you so much .

  • sorry January.

  • The first thing I felt was your word is spinning. Know you are on the right tract and you have worked hard to achieve what you have and it will pay off. This is because you have recently let go of something that was holding you back.

    You need to have faith in yourself and follow your heart. Quit trying to balance everything out in your head and looking at the worst case scenario. VISUALIZE the positive so the Universe can work with this.

    Acknowledge what you have accomplished and a journal so you can see this.

    Have fun with this growth process. Plant your seeds and watch them grow with love and patience. These are your seeds. Be happy, joyful and this will bring about a successful conclusion. Right now you are trying to balance a lot and seeing the positive will help align things more.

    Be honest an fair in all your dealings and decisions will be in your favor.

    FOCUS, write lists of things to be done and cross off each one so you can see what you have accomplished. This will help the helpless feelings. And it takes off some of the pressure.

  • Sorry this reading was for moonalisa

  • Gorgeous Gal

    Things have been changing rapidly for you lately. You are going through a major life change for the better. LET GO OF THE PAST. It is an illusion that is holding you back. Be open to new ideas, friendships, partners and love.

    Let go of the sense of loss and the people who have hurt you. This tragedy still haunts you. It impacts all areas of your life. You may try finding someone trustworthy to talk to so you can sort it out. You did the right thing so move forward.

    Hang on to your faith through these events and know you are never alone. acknowledge yourself and what you have accomplished. See your life as a victory, demand the truth and speak your own truth. You have been in a cocoon too long. Don't let heartache stop you. Acknowledge it and focus on your own dreams. Make a vision board of everything you want in your life and look at it often. This will help you create your vision. It is time for you to shine and let people see the real you. Share who you are and this will bring in more authentic relationships.

  • .yes im interested in a reationship reading...DOB..08/11/61..Thanks so much and God Bless.

  • I would love a reading too. December 26, 1968.

    Thank you very much.

    Love and Light, Van

  • I would love a reading for my relationship. I am trying to make a decision and I am torn my birthdate is july 16,1968 his may 26,1960. I need to see if I wait for him or I make contact. I do not know how open he is at the moment. My intuition is call my mind says wait.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi, Rainbowsong, I would also love to have a reading if you have time. My birthday is August 23, 1960. Thank you! 🙂

  • Hi Rainbowsong Could I also have a reading? My birthday is 11/17/57 Thank you so much

  • I would like a reading. My birthday is 8/10/79 I am wondering where my path is headed. I am hoping to make a drastic decision soon and if you can tell me what it is and what it means for me, and if it will happen. I am also hoping you can tell me what my career path looks like down the road and how my marriage will be.

    Thanks for your efforts.

  • Rainbowsong, I would love a general reading if you get the time. 🙂 My birth date is 11/14/89. Don't want to overwhelm you, but thanks for the offer!

  • rainbowsong...i would luv a reading, because god knows i'm in a bad place right now...and would luv some insight. my birthdate: 29th Jan 1982...i see that you have a lot of if you don't get around to responding that's alright.

    god bless..

  • hello RainbowSong, I'd love a reading from you. Mine is 12/12/1968

    Thank you and God bless

  • GJAY

    You are close to winning a battle but you need to ask yourself if it is worth the battle. You are tired of the same old thing over and over and you need to walk away from it. You have neglected yourself through all this and lost yourself. FOCUS on what is important this includes yourself. Acknowledge the pain and anxiety, don't bury it. FOCUS on the positive.

    There is a behind what you see and it is blocked by pain and anxiety. Learn to center yourself and look at it from a centered point of view.

    The seeds of growth have been planted, so it is time to have fun with this growth and this will bring happiness. Expect good things such as happiness, prosperity, love, trustworthy people, but most important TRUST YOURSELF. Do not worry about others think and say. This is a life lesson. Make plans, goals and know yourself.

    Some of the problems with making decisions is because you have many self made chains you are now working on breaking. TRUST YOURSELF You can talk to others for feedback, but it is you who has to decide what your own truth is. Listen to yourself and everything will work out.

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