A Misconception about Information

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  • Absolutley.

    For me, there's noting more annoying than for someone to come to you for a reading and when you ask them "How can I help"? they cross their arms and say "You tell me!" Like they're testing you. I mean, when you think of all the multiple situations we humans get ourselves into, how can someone expect you to pick out the exact one they want help with? Please, just tell the reader what area of your life you want help with and don't try to be clever.

  • hi captian,

    i totally agree with your last starement it is funny for me when i get "the testers " visit me in my office for a live reading. they have no idea how to properly use the gifts of a psychic to their benefit. Why do they want us to tell them information about themselves which they already know. what a waste of their time and money. If they fill us in a bit, we can delve so much farther into the situation. When they dont i just read their personality from their visuals and vibe, omg what a waste.

  • I think deep down skeptics want to believe - they're just afraid of disappointment, of putting their heart into something to find out it's nothing but a con. Which it is in some cases of psychic fakery.

  • so true captain and so sad i wish everyone knew how upset we ( those with large antennas ) are to know that there are many people who pretend to have psychic ability. These people are dangerous and so unkind. Being a psychic is as painful as it is rewarding, It is not a game or a toy, as i know that you know well. Being a professional psychic is a responsibility that is not to be taken lightly at all. It is a job given to us by our creator, to guide and comfort all of the blessed souls who seek us out for our knowing and vision. One does not choose to be a psychic, it chooses us.

    Those who decieve will be decieved

    Those who steal will be stolen from

    Those who cheat will be cheated

    And so the karmic circle runs...

  • I also don't feel that people should be consulting psychics to find out every small detail of their lives. I don't mind helping people get over rough patches but why on earth would people want to know every little thing that's going to happen to them? How boring life would be if it were all laid out neatly for us with no surprises to look forward to.

  • Hear hear captain

  • Again, captian I agree for me the best part of life here is watching it unfold the surprises, the twists and turns even the sorrows contain their own special magnificence i do however feel for the women in their late 30's and 40's who have never been married and are childless and come to me to ask "if" and "when" i answer them honestly so they can rest and develop their talents to the fullest and end their obsessive thinking over one topic. The questions i choose not to answer are the " death " questions. After 30 years, I am also hesitant to answer the relationship " cheating on me" questions, as many times relationships end, even though I have seen that reconciliation and the preservation of a family is quite possible. Tough job being a psychic, lol.

    Blessings and have a joyful day

  • No, I mean more when people are asking about everyday things like "what should I wear to the party next week?" or "should I cut my hair?" sort of thing. Some people get to rely so much on psychics telling them about their life that they forget to live it themselves. I think it's all about control - they think if they know every little thing that's coming their way, they can be prepared. But it doesn't work like that. It's best to build up your inner strength so that no matter what comes, you are well able to handle it.

  • Another thing I would like to say about psychic readings - there has to be intuition on both sides. Now, the psychic is going to give you some advice but you shouldn't follow it blindly. You must bring your own intuition into play to decide if the advice suits you, if it rings true for where you are in life, if you feel in your gut that it applies to you and will be beneficial. Of course the ultimate aim is for you to get so good at using your intuition that you no longer need any psychic's guidance but can rely on your own innate wisdom.

  • So true Captain so true. I recall a reader once told me, take from this what u can use n need, what u dont need or like discard if thats what ur gut tells u to.

    N i myself always say when in doubt ask ur gut as ur gut is NEVER wrong.

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