A Misconception about Information

  • There's a misconception about psychic reading that I would like to clear up right now. Of course, I can only speak for myself here. Many people (skeptics) think that if you are genuinely psychic, you should be able to read minds and know exactly whar someone wants to ask about without them even having to say a word.

    I wish! No, I can't read minds - I can sense feelings and vibes and sometimes I get an answer from just a bit of background info. But mostly I like to get a feel for the problem and the questioner by knowing some of the history and person behind it. This is not 'cheating' - it helps me to distinguish this particular problem from everyone else's. It's a bit like doing a jigsaw puzzle - the more pieces you give me, the more pieces I can hopefully fill in for you so you can see the bigger picture.

    Half the time I think I'm telling the questioner what they already knew deep down but just needed to hear from someone else for confirmation.

  • Captain

    are you reading my mind? ha ha! The down side of being psychic. And we thought it was all healing and thank yous and ego stroking amazement! No, some days I say this is too much work.! Oh the tests and hoops the leary want to put us through. The urgent unsatisfiable seekers who have to hear again and again and still want you tell them it is what it isn't. I will echo your reminder and repeat. I am not all knowing--that would make me God. I receive in two ways. Physical vibrations that come with seeing hearing touching and direct Spiritual contact. I am getting a spirit message--either a crossed over loved one a guide or something Angelic. First, we can not just order up info and there are reasons to not get all answers as you do have some responsabilty to learn lessons on your own. If you did not give your children the room to make valuable mistakes they would not mature and your heavenly father wants you to grow. In fact each of us has multitudes of guides and Spirits that just follow you around urging you to grow! Remember when you were a kid and you asked your mom something you were not mature enough to understand OR the answer had the potential to harm you and you found out later and understood better. That's how it works in the message department too. THEN there is the burdon of INTERPITATION! Often I get metaphorical imagines that I say but then confuse it with logic or a person tells me something too much and it clouds my ability to tune out my own voice. OR someone asks a question but it's not the one Spirit wants to talk about. Again logic steps in and if we are not careful we try to adjust it--bad move but the alternative is we have to throw it out there nutty sounding and all and shrug off the possibility of puzzled replys. Also I am stronger some days more than others and very in tune with the moon. That's why you will not see me everyday. My advice--- before asking for a reading--pray on it first and ask to receive what you most need right now to heal.. I hear that warning all the time about don't say anything to a psychic as a psychic should connect. It's not so much the lack of words but the INTENT--you go into the connection with the energy of misstrust and caution. This energy is real--like a closed door! That's why I can get get a connection on some people with few words but not on another. Paranoid energy is like a closed fist. I am going to bed! And just to even the scales--despite the work and endurance of pain and emotions this takes it really is most satisifying when Spirit connects and Healing takes place. Amen.

  • Your right.

    Sometimes u do know the answer but need someone else's opinion so u don't feel silly. : )

  • Blmoon, I KNEW you were going to say that. Haha! Not really...

    Some people expect us to have all the answers but it's really asking the right questions that will bring the best outcome.

    Taurusgirl1974, each of us has great wisdom within but sometimes we get so bogged down with problems and situations that we have trouble sorting out the voice of wisdom from the voice of panic or grief or desperation. It's much easier for a stranger to be objective to somoen else's situation.

  • Captain n BLMoon I agree with u wholeheartedly. Further angle is when spiritis guides angels has no more news or messages to the one asking how can one convey it to those thats asks us time n again, driving us almost nuts. no one mentioned here who has bc i understand its from a dispairing deep hope we yet still have some flicker of an asnwer.

    macroscopic even to show there is a light at the end, there is hope.

    Many psychics i know myself included have been forced to b mean n nasty, n both i n they agree, it kills us more. I for my part do not like to be mean or nasty. its a weakness. Its sad.

    So fellow psychics can one truely say spirits angels guides has no more for u at this time, ask in a week or 2 and we will ask them, will the requestee´s accept respect? i hope so.

    n thats not being mean or nasty is it?


  • There are times when I feel that the person I am giving messages to only wants to be told what they want to hear and are deaf to any other message or warning. But I only feel obliged to pass a message on, not force the person to heed it. If someone doesn't get the message from the Universe, then the Universe will find other more 'in-their-face' ways for them to learn. Sometimes people are so blind they have to lose everything before they understand.

    You just have to accept that you can't help everyone. Some people only learn from experience.

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  • Are you celebrating already, Laie4? 🙂


  • Another difficulty is with prediction - timelines and situations are all so fluid that it's hard to get a firm grip on them. And what we predict is tied to the moment of reading - you might change your behaviour or thinking the next day and change the whole prediction. The future is more up to the individual to create for themselves than it is for a psychic reader to try and foretell.

  • and thats where it all lies : ) free will .... ahh... and here I sit helping with this joy kill....

    Gonna bump anyway!

    Capt, you are far to busy again this evening ( ur morning )hope u take a break and have a cuppa!

    Enjoy the rest of your day!

  • hi there is a big difference between a mentalist and a psychic it sounds to me like the captain is a mentalist not a psychic a mentalist uses information to come to conclusions which are logical for the situation at hand mentalists are very insightful and usually have a great deal of intuition and get "vibes" about the topic at hand. If you want great advice about a certain situation going to a mentalist is your best bet as they have an uncanny sense of knowing, and can usually intuit the future of a situation.

    Psychics should be able to tell you all about a situation without any given information. As far as selecting winning lottery numbers, haha that is not what being a psychic is about.

  • Captain ---so true!

    your words==Sometimes people are so blind they have to lose everything before they understand.

    It is a universal truth--eastern religions particularly stress that Spiritual wakening comes from the "empty bowl". Our universe as a whole is expieriencing this stransformation. The potential is great for a wiser and more authentic mind set shifting the current energy--we have lost our connection with planet earth and we nead to heal. So many people are feeling the shift more intensly than others but everyone's being brokenopen in one way or another. I really feel we are on the wane of it. We are all treading water and learning to not forget to just lean back float still and see what the clouds are doing--remember being young? Laying on the soft grass loosing track of time and zoning out watching clouds change into animals and people! Wouldn't that be something if we dedicated one day a month to that--the whole world dropping everything to go out and watch the clouds! Would the world keep ticking if everyone all stopped at once? HA HA! I bet it would sure be quiet! I wonder if that is what Heaven is--or is there some good Christian neighbor in Heaven as well with his retched lawn blower going!

  • Twinsoul, well I do like Simon Baker (fellow Aussie!) 😉

  • I guess it depends on how much detail the questioner wants. I can do vibe readings without knowing anything about the person. In fact it's better if I don't know anything so I'm not influenced by that knowledge. That's why reading via the internet is easier for me than in person - there's no person in front of me to put ideas in my head. You can't help but get notions from people by how they dress or by what they look like or how they talk etc. It's better if I don't have any preconceived notions clouding my impressions.

    But for more complicated questions about life and love, I need some background info.

    But that is just how I operate.

  • I'm not a psychic but I hear you loud and clear. No need to apologize for sure, I understand!

  • I second all the n blmoon has said so far.

    im psychic n i stand by it BUT i cant always without any pointers tell everything about n for a person. let me give u an example.

    Lisa in New York asks on her lovelife and job, plus her boyfriend Paul in London.

    How mant Lisa´s do you think are there in New York? How many Paul´s are there in London?

    Each psychic has his her way of doing readings. we are as individual as the necxt guy. So u cannot really smack em in one pot n say this is how psychics does it. know what i mean?

  • I do not popose physics abilities, only rely on my intiution, but i do know what u say is true,

    physics cant read minds, and u as one, among others in this forum popose a great ability,

    and your devotion to help others is great, and we do know the answer, but sometimes i am just to afraid to admit it! to the girl, that bursting the baloons burst away.


  • Sooooo... what am I wearing??? (ducking and running!!!!!!) 😉

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