Libra Vs Aries

  • I am dating a guy, 4th time in 22 years. We dated my freshman year in high school, then I moved away, so we broke up. The second time, shortly after starting to see him, I discovered that I was pregnant, so cut off contact. The third time, I was in my 20s, couldn't find a job, and we were living with his parents. I moved back to my hometown, and had no more contact. This time, 14 years later, we are two completely different people. I still have many of the same feelings and he stated 4 months ago that he has loved me since he was 15. I realize that our signs aren't exactly compatible, and I am all about balancing of the scales, but I can't see someone being completely closed off and unhappy, and still being in a relationship like he appears. I do all the going to see him, etc, and now he stops calling all the time. We go days with no contact. Im ready to give up for the last time. Is it an aries, or just him. Seriously. I'm going crazy here.

  • Hey,

    you don't say if you are the Aries, or he is...either way all you have to remember is that you are polar opposites, so everything you are he is not, communication will always be difficult, if you expect each other to act like you would!

    Me and my older brother are an Aries(me) and Libra(him) and have a healthy relationship, I actually love that he is my opposite! He listens to my problems(patiently) and makes me think about things in a way i never would've considered, and I encourage him to tell me things that he really is too scared to tell others, both of us knowing we won't judge or ridicule one another for our "crazy thoughts" because we can see a little bit of ourselves in each other.

    If you are the Aries, you will always be the one to initiate things, thats what we do!

    If he is the Libra, he will always need to overthink things(being quite thoughtful), because thats what Libras do!

    It is up to the Aries to take the lead, but communicate it in a way that makes sense so the libra feels safe to follow.

    Hope this helps,


    Aries can also be quite selfish, and Libras get lost in their own "thinking" world as well.

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