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  • I need advise on my current situation. I meet my bf over six months ago but I met him while he is in prison. Now he has a nice time to go but that time will allow me to finish school and get myself together. In this short time together I can't imagine him not being in my life. I do love him and I believe that he sincerly feels the same. I seem like a fool to wait for him but then again there aren't many guys out here that are good. I had already did that long-term relationship thing a lil while ago and all he did was keep my distracted and unfocused. It's like i have more determination now and more support than before. My bf and I 's time apart is hard but I believe it can be worth it. What is the likelehood of us being together when he gets home? My dob is nov 1,1980 and his is apr 16,1978.

  • The key word is distraction. You are adicted to destaractions outside yourself and it's good you do at least get a sense of that with the last relationship. This will not change so easily and overnight as it is a coping mechanism you have learned to keep your mind off your real pain. You have a very empty place inside that has always been and you are not sure what is missing but feel the need to fill it with something. You have abandonment issues--your needs were not met in the very early years of your life and you have a constant craving for security but the harder you grab on the more it eludes you. The man you have chosen is at least a safe distraction for now because he is not in a position to interfere with your education as long as you stay focused on YOU you will get to a better place. You are right in that you need very much to build on yourself--education is a very good choice. "Spirit says "one day at a time". Don't dwell on the future with any man too much--You must focus on your life with a ME FIRST atittude for the next two years--it is crucial and if you stay focused on education marriage will be in the picture but he is faceless at the moment and you must trust that. Again do not give your new love interest more energy than your education and you will do well.

  • I agree...Very well said Blmoon...

  • Hello Blmoon, i was wondering if you could help me with a relationship question/ I have a crush on this boy sk and i was wondering if you see us in a long term relationship? thanks so so much for you help! ❤ Jen

  • P.s. My bday is 2-18 and his is 12-28 thanks again

  • Thank you blmoon very insightful. I do have one question what do you mean when you say that he is faceless?

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