Looking for outside intuition on delicate reading.

  • I just did a 3 card reading for myself. I did not use a lay out. I will provide abit of background on the situation. I dated a guy 3 years my junior (he is 19) for 3 months. We broke up Monday 01/25/10, on Sunday 01/31/10, I found out I am approximatly 9 weeks pregnant. Following are the three cards I drew in order of their appearance. I would greatly appreciate your veiw. If you would like more info on the situation I will gladly provide. I intend on doing a more thorough 10 card spread, but this on it's own seemed quiet significant.

    1st- Ace of Swords

    2nd- The Preistess

    3rd- 2 of Disks, Change

  • your first card is telling you that you have power over him now. don't abuse this power because 1) it will make him resent you, 2) your baby is gonna be affected by this too.

    your second card is just confirming your pregnancy was for sure unexpected! this card is also warning you not to abuse your power. let thing happen as they will

    its gonna be a balancing act for the 3 of you to be a family, but its worth it.

    have you told him about any of this?

  • Thank you so much for your insight. I was happy to see that you concurred with my initial feelings about the cards. Peace be with you and yours

  • I just did another general 3 card spread. (02/28/10) The results were very indicative.

    1st- The Priestess

    2nd- Ace of Swords

    3rd- Knight of Wands

    What a reading! I just enrolled in college on Friday!

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