Wheel of Fortune?

  • Hello....

    I am new to learning the tarot and had a question about the significance of a card coming up repeatedly in readings and the significance around it. Every time I do a reading for my self I come up with the wheel of furtune card, whereas when I do a reading for my husband the wheel of fortune comes up reversed over and over. What could this mean? Any help on understanding is greatly apprec..

    Thank you, Mercurian

  • What goes up must come down. Grab the moment and enjoy when the cycle is up because it does not last. Respect the up and downs of life--don't dwell on the down. Is your husband pessamistic? Get stuck in depression? OR it's just that he is on the down--you are on the up and you two have to respect that altho you are a pair you each have your own timing going on and can't just force yourselves to be in the same place always. The wheel go's round but you are not always on the same spoke.

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