Soul mates

  • Can someone please define the word soul-mates. Is it basically the souls rememberance of another?

    I met someone whom I met a few years ago. Then, he was not my definition of the man I'd typically be attracted to, but after "a simple touch" somthing changed. We have been since fiercely attracted to each other, but cannot seem to come together. It's been 5 yrs.

    If we are, why do we come together in this life time if we cannot be together again.

  • africanqn:

    I cannot really offer any advice...other than to say that this has happened to me several times as well..

    I have pondered and thought about it...the only conclusion I can come to is that somehow, these are souls we have known in another life time.. Sometimes you just meet someone..and there is an instantaneous spark...almost like an electrical current flowing between you. And yes, there is quite often no rational explanation: people/men that you would not normally respond to.

    I have come to believe very strongly that timing is everything. There have been two men in my past that I would have/should have married: but...the timing was just not right.

    Perhaps these instant soul mates that appear to be souls we have known before..well..maybe the time was right then, but not now? Or maybe the time is coming in a future life? I do not know the answer...just know..that sometimes, heartbreaking as it is..the time is not right..

    So...I will continue to think and ponder about this...and please know that you are not the only one to have experienced well wishing is going out to you..

    Peace and Love..tiggersmom6

  • Thank you for your insight.Tiggersmom6.

    It is literally and truly heartbreaking indeed. I guess I'll just have to accept whatever the outcome is and hope that somewhere in sometime, I can be with him. Right now there seem to be obstacles in our way. It is a wonderful warmth, I wish I could stay in, because in it I understand the saying "from the bottom of my heart".

    Many blessings to you and thanks again

  • I am also in a rather strange situation right heart is truly sympathetic to what you are feeling..

    I used to fight everything...rage against the world and life for not going my way...

    Now? I think I have learned acceptance. There are some things you can do...and others you can't force...and love relationships are one of them. All I can ever be is..the best I can be...and if that is not enough...well...I just need to find the place where I fit in best..

    Again, I send you my well-wishes and thank you for your kind wishes and thoughts..

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