The Captain - urgent clarity being sought

  • Dear Captain,

    About two hours ago, I learned of the death of my very FIRST Mentor (University) He is a major influence from I was a small child...(he is a public figure)...Well, minutes after I learned of his death and went to lie down in my room (I had been holding a candle for him since he fell into a coma last Thursday) I felt his presence...and suddenly all the dreams I have been having of weddings and tidal wave which have evoked intense emotions since last week, are beginning to make I am now feeling the intensity of my inner being and all the childhood or youthful dreams and passions I had long forgotten.

    Is there any message that he has for me? Is there anything you could guide me on handling this profound transition point for me? I am full of so many waves of emotions right now...I don't know how to get quiet, if I can sleep tonight, or just how to handle what's happening.

    Thanks for your help...

  • i feel that somehow thru this happening with the mentor you have known since childhood has some how now shifted a big block for you, i feel that he came to you to assist you to feeling this to help you, to see the full potential in you, and not to forget the child within you, the passion and to be in touch with the child within, i am not the captain so maybe wait for there answer as they could have much more insite to this than me, be aware of everything inside and out, enjoy the journey, take some deep breathes and relax, i feel he is close to you and all is ok, just allow and trust the process of which is happeneing, easier said than done as i am not in your shoes right now but everything happens for a purpose and i beleive that you are on the verge of something wonderful trust

  • Dearest Dotthorey...

    I am so grateful for your insight...I do so much appreciate it...and woke up feeling much of what you have said...I am no longer grieved for his loss...It has re-ignited that fire I had in my belly so many years ago...and does feel like his passing has removed a major block for me indeed. I don't mind you not being the Captain...The Universe has put us all here for each other...and I am happy you are available ...

    Thank you...I continue to work through to the birthing...ahh Death, where is thy sting?

  • Hope you get your answers soon Andherson, be brave and strong! I get nice vibes from you! 🙂

  • your welcome andherson, just take it as it comes, death is the start of new begginings in everything, always look for the good in situations, i felt you were talking the answer but you being in it could not see it, have faith and trust, cruise along at your own pace,

  • Thanks much thing I do understand is that the universe unfolds as it I do accept the happy with the sad...Smiles to you also....

  • Dotthorey...Cruising indeed...thank you!

  • Andherson, in a way you felt that while this man was in the world, there was no need for you to be like him or do what he does for/teaches people. It was like he was the little boy with his finger in the dam holding back the water. Now that he's passed over, you are being called to step up and stick you finger in the dame - to perform the mission he so wonderfully guided you towards. He was a father figure in a way so you grieve for him like a departed parent.

  • Thanks Captain...You are correct...he came to me only minutes after they turned off life-support . I learned of this 40minutes after it happened....and his Spirit came to my room....he said...Now it's your turn...time to take this mantle...for only you can do this...everything is slowly fitting into place in my mind...I really resisted doing anything indeed.

    I didn't even realize all this time that he has been my spiritual guide...all this time...all this time...leading me toward this here with his passing...such a poetic transition...beautifully only he could.

    Thanks so much...there is much comfort in the revelations which unfold with each passing moment...

    Thanks for confirming....I know he has more messages for me which will unfold in due time...delicately unfolded as I claim the much to do...

  • having such a challenge all week, being calm...trouble breathing and relaxing, even the phones ringing are annoying me making me feel overwhelmed, cannot sleep at night, headaches, chest pain. What is happening to me Captain? I have taken a day off to just do nothing...and am hoping that I will be able to sleep finally.

  • I feel like there is a lot of information coming to you - you remind me of a computer that is downloading several programmes all at once. The death of your mentor has opened floodgates in your mind and it's all pouring into your subconscious, although your conscious mind is not yet aware of this information. Go with the flow and just try to relax your mind. There is a lot you will be processing in the coming days and months but it will break through certain barriers in your mind you put in place for a protection that is no longer needed.

  • That's exactly how I have been a RAM chip or some computer harddrive...information just rushing into me...and with the headaches and chestpain...I couldn't quite settle myself long enough to just breathe through it all. Thanks for the validation...I am really happy to be rid of the attachments to mind...believe me...I have lived cerebral for lives...Am embracing that freedom...and I trust that with this, the once-submerged anger departs as well.

    Thanks so much for being available to support me through this...I appreciate your insight.

  • Captain,

    I feel that my whole life is about to change dramatically or suddenly...I sense a tremor-like sensation in all the aspects of my life. I have given notice from my residence...and although I am not feeling in limbo...I feel that I have to be very careful about the choices or decisions I make in the immediate period. Can you lend any insight into what these tremors are suggesting? I'm not sure if I should be looking to move countries, jobs, cities or all of the above...LOL

    I also would like to let go of my will power in this process and follow my heart...any suggestions on how to achieve that "unclinging"?

    Thanks in advance...

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