A bit of question

  • I had my tarot card for about 6 years plus.. I bet u guys might have more than one deck.. But whenever I need to get a new deck I would always have a strong feeling that my card doesn't want me to get a new deck.. It always held me back from getting one.. I don know why.. Sometime I afraid that it might get angry.. I don know who has the same feeling as me.. Cause I am quite confusing..

  • Yes, I do have more than one, lol. But I think it is not uncommon to feel anxiety about using new/other decks. Maybe if you were to buy and use another deck, you'd feel you would be taking away something special from the readings, rather than the deck being "mad" at you? I would say use a few online (instant readings) and see what happens. I know it's not really a real set of cards you would be using, but it might help you to start using other decks. Hope this helps. 🙂

  • hmm thanks for that.. maybe i could try it.. =D well I still under learning though.. >< haven't been doing much reading..

  • I have been hesitant about buying a new more modern deck. I have two decks and both were given to me. They say thats the best way to get into tarot if you come across your deck that you did not actually buy yourself.

  • I had someone give me a deck and I never could get adjusted to it. I sold it at a garage sale and bought myself a brand new deck and it seems that it is more attuned to me. I get pretty accurate readings or what I feel are accurate readings with the new deck. I tried clearing the energy from the old deck and I think the girl that had it was too attached to it. Now books on Tarot and readings....doesn't bother me if I use someone else's and have actually bought most of my books used. I feel I get the wisdom from the used books. lol.

  • Mikyo, you're welcome. 🙂

  • Yea I did heard that tarot cards cannot be given to others once u have use it or wat... >< but I have read a book which is quite good..

  • My decks always want friends! I often buy decks that complement another deck in style, colour, or subject matter.

    Lots of my decks are used, I've never had a problem.

    Mikyo, if you are interested in another deck, you could try buying an oracle deck. You might feel this does not compete as directly with the affections of your tarot deck.

  • Haha thanks for that Iskye.. I recently brought a new deck.. I did try to look at oracle deck but somehow I don feel linking to it.. Maybe because I am not ready for it.. I have tested out the new deck and surprisingly my intuition seems to be better at the new ones.. It works perfectly fine now.. =D

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