Kindly help me. . .

  • Hi everyone. . . I'm new to this forum and very excited to have stumbled upon it. I have been facinated by Astrology since I was about 12. Throughtout my life I've deoended on it to help me understand myself as well as other people in my life. I've never had the luxury of talking with an actual astrologer and everything that I've gathered has been through the books I've read over the years. In an effort to better understand myself and the man in my life. I thought I would ask any of you who would have something to share about me or him to feel free to do so.

    ME... HIM...

    Sun Scorpio 10/30/52 Sun Virgo 9/20/49

    Rising Cancer Rising Aquarious

    Moon Aries Moon Virgo

    Thanks in advance to any of you who will take a minute to let me know your thoughts. It's always been a bit hard for me to understand exactly how the Rising sign and Moon play a part in our personality.

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