Share Your Reading

  • Have you received Tarot readings that are intriguing, confusing, or important to you? This thread is for sharing your online Tarot reports with others. You might ask for advice, share what you believe the reading is saying, or discuss ways in which you might act upon the reading's revelations.

    To share a reading, access it via your journal. Then copy and paste the URL in your browser's address bar, and post it here along with your questions or comments!

  • I consulted the tarot out of curiousity. As background, I consult a pyschic about once or twice a year and I have an astrologer do my birth charts once a year. I have been divorced for a while and I am ready to meet my soulmate. I did a karma spread but I am thinking I don't know how to ask the questions properly, nor do I know how to interpret my reports! Maybe I did the wrong spread....I am so lost...PLEASE HELP!

    It seems favorable but who am I to know? Thanks in advance for your help.

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