Cancer Man and he is confusing - continued

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  • This post is deleted!

  • Flowyair>>I have actually been following your story too. 🙂 It seems like your Cancer does have feelings for you and he is hooked he always come back to you. He seems to be the type of Cancer though that likes his freedom coming and going as he choses - that can be difficult to endure. I would find that hard to deal with, but Cancer's I realize are very contradictive in the sense they are homebodies - yet they like do their "own" thing such as hobbies, traveling, work,etc.

    Lua>>Yes, I agree and it's very contradicting. My cancer hides on the internet and closes people off when he is stressed, yet he's an international airline pilot who is never home, and even his present "home" is a foreign country on the opposite side of the globe from his home country. He's coming and going, yes it seems that way. His profession makes that easier, even if we lived in the same country it'll feel like a long distance relationship since he's gone for 4 days at a time. Strange because i thought cancers were relationship oriented and liked being involved in serious relationships. I had two male cancer friends who were always looking for "the one". He does always come back to me. He did after 13 years, lol! And it took 13 years because we were on opposite sides of the world. I also enjoy the freedom thing anyway. I like doing my own thing. I also haven't had a relationship in about 11 years so it's easier for me this way, at least for now.

    Scorpioreader-interesting point, where are the originals? still with cancers? "Cancer man stories to end all Cancer man stories" that sounds scary. What was the end result?

    Ok, it's time for me to relax and stop obsessing about my cancer guy. I won't see him for awhile, but I know he likes me, I'll be seeing him again, I'm not going to worry about how much he e-mails me texts me, calls me or doesn't. I'm going to go on with my life here and do my own thing with work, etc.

    BTW for those who know my stories, the Leo guy has disappeared (but I'll probably run into him, it's a small community here) and the Libra guy who liked me has left while I was gone.

  • Katie1982, it will be hard to recap on my story, since it is shared on all the threads, including the scorp thread where i go to talk to cancers i know. LOL

    Lol, yes i soon discovered that. On my way to work, as soon as i have a break will have another look at your situation.

    Have a great day

  • Scorpioreader, Geez you have read from the beginning. Oh boy, that must have taken you even in the midst of it all i found it hard to keep up. Some days there were pages of new posts. Don't know, seems like most cancer men were full of *** all at once.

    Cancercan still with her guy, and very happy.

    Jd3 is still dating her guy.

    HiPrincess also very happy with her cancer.

    Haven't heard from cappy2 in a while. The rest i'm not sure of.

    Your story..?

  • Hi FlowyAir,

    FlowyAir > First off Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! For taking to the time to read, follow and offer your experience and advice to me. 🙂 I am very interested in your story and will take the time to famaliarize myself with it.

    Taureengirl > Only my pleasure. By reading the posts i am learning everyday. :))

    FlowyAir > Yes, the Pain, Anguish, Uncertainty - the blow to my selfworth! Oh yes, and the Confusion, Hurt, Anger and Fear. The funny thing is in one of my earliest email exchanges between him & myself when we were talking about ending relationships - I told him I would never blindside someone I cared about. I also told him I hated uncertainty.... Hmmm. Who knows how he looks at it though maybe like he is not ending it for good - I don't know...

    Taureengirl > They also hate uncertainly, although would never admit it directly. Try not to overanalyze. I know that's not easy, ive been doing exactly that, in the end that is what's driving you nuts.

    FlowyAir > I'm so happy you have had a positive outcome in your personal experience. You deserve it! I haven't had a chance to read your original post, but I did read one of your threads - the one where he came back suddenly after 5 months like nothing ever happened. I'm very interested and will be going back to read all I can on your story. 🙂

    Taureengirl > My story is/was due to my own stupidity. If i were more patient and did not jump to conclusions i'm sure things would have turned out differently. Looking back now, i know exactly where i went wrong.

    FlowyAir: I will definitely give it a try! It sounds very interesting - I haven't had a chance to read up on it yet, but I will as soon as I can today. Thank you for suggesting this to me - I'm always open to try new things.

    Taureengirl > When Cappy first suggest the pendulum, i didn't think much of it. In fact it sounded a bit like black magic or something, lol. being a girl from a farm i was raised with the believe that fortune telling and those are wrong. Little did i know what power it would give me.

    That's not the pendulum, but your own sub concience.

    FlowyAir > Yes, I would be very interested in your guidance on this especially to check against my own answers. Thanks for offering.

    Taureengirl > You're welcome. Anytime you may need a check

    FlowyAir > Yes, your advice is well taken. I agree I need to clear my head right now and take the Cancer guy out of the equation as hard as that seems to be right now. (everytime I see him outside it reopens the wound again) I have to do me. Plain and simple. I just hate not knowing - I'm a planner uncertainty I try to avoid at all costs... Its a killer, haha, but what can I do I refuse to let him go from my heart and mind - I love him.

    Taureengirl > Be grateful for the fact that you still see him. At least you know he is alive and ok. The only way for me to know is his online activity. At one stage he was offline for almost two weeks and i almost went out of my mind with worry. Told me later he was in hospital. (tell you more about that on FB)

    FlowyAir > Yes, I'll look you up on Facebook later. Is that your real FB account?

    Taureengirl > No,that's not my real account. Only use it for connecting. Will redirect you to my real one. Much easier over there when you want to share something in private.

    FlowyAir > I have a hard time disengaging, I tell you if I didn't find this site to explain that withdrawals are in Cancer's nature I would have went crazy by now and taken it even more personal than what I have.

    Taureengirl > It's only normal to feel that way. To be honest, i still get p! ssed at times.

    FlowyAir > Well Taureengirl, I look forward to talking to you again. Oh btw, how is post divorce going for you?

    Taureengirl > There has never been a minute of regrets that i left that marriage. Haven't been a marriage for the last three years. Would not say i was unhappy, but then happy i was not. I exist, that's all. Going through day by day with no love,no affection, no communication. Everybody deserves to be loved. Almost 18months that i live on my own now, supporting myself. I was lucky enough to find a decent job the week prior to moving.Love my job and apartment.

    Have to go now, chat to you later

  • Hi Taureengirl! I'm going to sleep it's really late here. 2:00 am. I was just reading up

    on the earlier posts - I still haven't gotten to

    your original post. I will tomorrow though. I did fond the pendulum instructions- I think I'll try it out tomorrow if I feel mentally up to the challenge otherwise Saturday. Ttys


  • Well, as I said, it's a long one! I think I will go offline and see if I can work on it tomorrow. Sometimes I can be a little wordy, especially when reading for others.

    I will try to summarize my story with the most pertinent facts, then let any of you who wish take a stab at it. Good luck!

    Just remember Taureengirl, you asked!

  • I would love to know Scorpioreader, even if i have to read the whole night.

    Take care

  • i agree with taureengirl. scorpioreader, i'd read it too. 🙂

  • Same here Scorpioreader. 🙂

  • hey FlowyAir! Ive got the flat! I took it today right away. im moving around the 15th. wow, finally i can start a new life! how are you dear?

  • shorty>>Sandran712, thank you for your advice same with Keldjoran peace and many blessings.. 🙂

    Sandran712>.You're welcome..

  • Hi Katie!

    I'm so happy for you!! -All right before your Birthday too :). Where did you say you live again? Europe? Part? How many did you look at before finding it? Have you heard from your Cancer?

    I'm doing alright. Each day I feel something new. Yesterday I actually felt empowered a bit and seen me being away from him as good so I could make some clear decisions in the way of my marriage. The Leo male does not want to

    let go. He wants to go away next weekend to really talk and see if there is ANY way to work stuff out. I have tried for years to get him to listen, but this is really the first time he is... I just don't want to get pulled back into a trap.

    ANYWAY, I was supposed to get back to the owners of an apt I was looking at and I haven't yet. I will today- still not sure what I should do as paying too monthly payments is gonna suck and going back and forth with the kids/driving further everyday to bring them to school- still seperating myself physically from both the husband and the Cancer who I keep tabs on would be mentally healthier... I guess I have my answer. 🙂

    So do you have any plans for the weekend?

  • keldjoran>>You're probably giving him mixed signals, you'll have to be dead honest with him or he won't know how to handle you.

    Sandran712>>Funny you would say this..I used to ride my Aries nerves on purpose.I wanted to know how much shi*t I dished out. he could take.He took all of it! and then some.Damn dumbass.LOL.I know he loved me because if it were me I would leave myself,,,LOL

  • Hi Sandran! How are you?

    I just read Cancers are very compatible with Tauruses, but you already know that. Haha

  • I attract water signs and seem to get along just fine with them..My love is a Cancer man 8yrs. older then I. Opposites attract. How dull it would be to find the perfect match..I'm not certain there is such a thing, but I do believe we as couples have something to offer in ways we each learn from. Not always easy, granted, but certainly keeps things interesting and challenging to say the least. Give and take, compromise, agree to disagree, on,and on. With age comes wisdom, often it's the best time to find a suitable partner to travel the road of life!

    Do a little dance, make a lil love, get down tonight! Amore

  • Flowyair>>Hi Sandran! How are you?

    I just read Cancers are very compatible with Tauruses, but you already know that. Haha

    Sandran712>>Well..I have a brother same birthdate as this Taurus and we were not close.And same for the Taurus.He's gone.I don't care anyways.I am just so sick and damn tired of meeting divorced men.I can puke.Every man I have encountered within the past 5 years are all divorced and No I am not going for a married one.I am not that low and desperate.I can only hope for a widower.Divorced guys tend to jump into a relationship no shortly after they leave their marriage..I do not see anything wrong with being single after you leave a marriage.So All men are messed up to me.Dumbasses.They all need to be neutered..I am just fed up!

  • Sandran712>>I wrote on my classmates page.Here's my latest thought..If I see one more male classmate that is divorced I am gonna puke!

  • FlowyAir> i live in Europe, in Hungary/Budapest. i did look at a lot of flats on internet for months, but this is the first i checked out and i liked it so much that i took it right away. it is an amazing location (in the centre of the city) and it has a very friendly price.

    so im moving around the 15th. wont be there on my birthday yet (people move out from there on the 10th) but i dont care, in two weeks (or less) im there already. 🙂

    i hear about my cancer every day, still it does not satisfy me. i told him yesterday that it has been three weeks we havent met, he was wondering... was it three weeks already??? i told him yes, it was... of course he is sorry.... like always... i mean i like people to say sorry to me, but after a while when all i get is sorries... it starts losing its meaning. he was yesterday indecisive again. he always does that.... brings up the topic of meeting, i tell him sure, i wanna meet, and then he starts to 'yes, i just woke up, dont know yet blablabla, i let you know in an hour..." and earlier i was always waiting that hour to pass and to know whether we meet... now i wrote him back that he should not worry, i took it already as a 'NO' and we meet some better time. i mean come on... im close to telling him, he should tell me next time to meet, when he actually can meet. since then its silence. LOL

    Im happy you are doing alright. and it's so good to hear that you already feel a tidbit empowered. that is the start, believe me. as time goes on, every day you'll feel empowered a bit longer. i know it is a hard way and you'll possibly fall back from time to time, but it will be always easier and easier. im here with you on that. 🙂

    you have to be strong with your husband. if you know that you dont want to stay with him, dont give him the chance of going away for the weekend and try to make things right. i mean it is a nice effort, but if you know deep in your heart that it wont work, then dont do it. 🙂

    of course it is the first time he listens, or tries to, pretends to... cause it is the first time when he really feels threatened. i guess he never thought you could actually make the moves and leave him. my ex. (is a sagg. cusp with scorp) did the same. i tried to tell him more times that i have problems, he never listened we just fought... when i finally told im leaving.... now he is still not letting me be, we talk almost every day (i try to stay friendly) but he is pushin all the time, that i should let him show me how he changed etc....

    listen, about you taking a flat. i still have the same opinion. CAN you afford it? you'll have less money, but DOESNT IT PUT YOU IN A FINANCIAL PROBLEM? if the answer is no, then go for it honey. really. and i believe if you start your own separate life, you will feel so much better, that you wont mind at all driving the kids further to school every day. cause you'll feel again what freedom is and you'll have such a stone dropped from your heart. honestly... at least that's happened to me. and btw. i think cancer seeing that you are moving out and away.... will interest him a lot... imagine, he sees you now daily... even if he doesnt, he knows you are there... once you are not.... we'll see how he reacts.

    i have no plans for the weekend, have to meet a friend in the city for some paperwork, but otherwise it is sooo cold here now for some weeks, i prefer to stay in and watch movies and read. 🙂

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