• MOON CANCER - TAURUS: Cardinal Water meets Fixed Earth.

    Steady practicality meets assertive feeling. Both signs have similar domestic agendas, they like to share food, nurture children, have a tranquil and harmonious home environment, have deep family attachments, feel comfortable in familiar surroundings, and approach change cautiously. Taurus is emotionally steady; Cancer tends to be moody. Both are acquisitive, patient and intuitive. Venus is the ruler of Taurus, the Moon rules Cancer. A Moon in Taurus - Moon in Cancer sign comparison acts rather like a Venus sextile Moon aspect in this relationship. Taurus’s desire to share sensual pleasures and steady romantic attraction creates a feeling of emotional security for Cancer opening the door to opportunities to express its sensitivity, nurturance, and intuition in a harmonious domestic environment.

    MOON CANCER - VIRGO: Cardinal Water meets Mutable Earth.

    Assertive feeling meets flexible practicality. Both signs exhibit moodiness, are quiet and unassuming, tend towards caution, worry, anxiety, and health consciousness. Cancer’s focus is on the domestic aspects; Virgo is more concerned with work. Both are caring and supportive. Each sign shows love in its own way. Cancer is compassionate, tender, and sympathetic; Virgo chooses practical acts which provide tangible benefits. Cancer is more accepting; Virgo more judgmental of self and others. Both are patiently acquisitive, and tend to manifest resources. Cancer is ruled by the Moon; Virgo is ruled by Mercury. A Moon in Cancer - Moon in Virgo sign comparison acts rather like the energies of a Moon sextile Mercury aspect in this relationship. Cancer’s nurturing feelings give Virgo an opportunity to express its ideals of service in the world and in its relationship.

    MOON CANCER - CAPRICORN Cardinal Water meets Cardinal Earth.

    Assertive feeling meets assertive practicality. Cancer is emotional, tender, sentimental, easily swayed by moods and appeals to sympathy; Capricorn is uncomfortable feeling tenderness, feels vulnerable expressing

    sympathetic emotions. Cancer desires to take care of its partner and to be taken care of. Closeness is an instinctual response for Cancer, home and family are of primary importance; Capricorn prefers to keep an emotional distance, to the point of putting off its own personal needs to pursue its work, ambitions, practical responsibilities and duties. Both tend to be committed and loyal in their relationships. Both are responsible, hardworking, and patient in achieving material security. Cancer is ruled by the Moon; Saturn is ruled by Saturn. A Moon in Cancer - Moon in Capricorn sign comparison is rather like the energies of a Moon opposition Saturn aspect. Capricorn’s tendency toward withdrawal, and distancing creates issues with Cancer’s needs for emotional security. Over and over, outside commitments or other pressing obligations seem to prevent Capricorn from being there emotionally even when present physically.

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