• MOON CANCER - GEMINI: Cardinal Water meets Mutable Air .

    Flexible thought meets assertive feelings. This combination can create misunderstandings. Each loves in their own very different ways. Gemini takes an intellectual approach, to domestic situations, responds logically, with witty humor, insightful advice, and wants to resolve issues by communicating ideas; Cancer takes it personally, sensitive to moods, approaches domestic issues with a need for tender support and understanding about the way things feel. Gemini wants variety, mental stimulation, interaction with a wide variety of people and experience; Cancer seeks a feeling of domestic security, loves family tradition, seeks the familiar, and is quite a homebody; Gemini can be flighty, easily bored, uncomfortable with deep emotional display, smothered by Cancer’s sentimentality and need to nurture. Cancer can easily feel that Gemini doesn’t care; Gemini can get lost in thoughts and be blissfully unaware of emotions. Mercury rules Gemini, the Moon rules Cancer. A Moon in Gemini - Moon in Cancer sign comparison acts rather like a Mercury semi-sextile Moon aspect in this relationship. This relationship is likely to take extra effort on the part of the partners. Frictions cause by Gemini’s need to continually seek out mental stimulation and Cancer’s need for a feeling of emotional security are likely to inhibit them both. Adjustments will have to be made for either person to feel that they are able to express or receive love in the way they need to experience it

    MOON CANCER - LIBRA: Cardinal Water meets Cardinal Air.

    Assertive feeling meets assertive thought. Domestic harmony is very important to both signs. Cancer creates a feeling of safety and security through close family ties and creating a nurturing home environment Libra wants a romantic partner, and discovers itself through the balanced give and take of its relationships. Each tries to please and accommodate the other, going out of their way to make their partner comfortable. Both signs are sensitive to their partner’s opinion and approval. Both will try very hard to please and accommodate their loved ones, especially their romantic partner, and both tend to be very sensitive to each others' approval and opinions. Cancer and Libra go out of their way to try to make one another comfortable and at ease. Both signs feel very threatened by interpersonal conflict and you sometimes avoid confronting the more thorny problems or underlying differences in your emotional natures. Cancer will tenaciously assert its emotional needs indirectly through moodiness; while Libra chooses to assert them through even-tempered diplomacy. Cancer is ruled by the Moon; Libra is ruled by Venus. A Moon in Cancer Moon in Libra sign comparison acts rather like a Moon Square Venus aspect in this relationship. Cancer feels challenged by Libra’s seeming inability to relate on a deep emotional level, while Libra feels challenged by Cancer’s habit of functioning more on instinct and feeling rather than logic and reason.

    MOON CANCER - AQUARIUS: Cardinal Water meets Fixed Air.

    Assertive feeling meets opinionated thought. Both Cancer and Aquarius have a strong concern for people, but Cancer takes a personal approach, while Aquarius is concerned with an ideal of humanity. Cancer is sentimental and emotionally attached to home, family, familiar places and people, and to the safety, security, and comfort of the known environment. Aquarius craves change, new methods and new ideas, and tends to put social concerns and causes ahead of family loyalties. Cancer values close connections; Aquarius values personal freedom, and likes to work in large social groups. Cancer is subjective relying on instinct and emotions for guidance. Aquarius objectivity is often out of touch with personal feelings. Cancer is ruled by the Moon; Aquarius is ruled by Uranus. A Moon in Cancer - Moon in Aquarius sign comparison is rather like the energies of a Moon quincunx Uranus aspect. Sudden and disruptive changes will often force you to make radical changes in your home life.

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