• MOON CANCER - CANCER Cardinal Water meets Cardinal Water.

    Assertive feeling meets assertive feeling. Both share a sympathetic rapport of intuitive sensitivity to each others feelings and emotions. Both share a need for personal security which is deeply rooted in home and family. Both are nurturers, loving, moody, imaginative, and creative. Both hang on to the past, family traditions. Both are susceptible to dependence upon the other. Both are cautious in approach, patient, but tenacious in acquisition of material security and the protection of family.

    Cancer is ruled by the Moon. A Moon in Cancer - Moon in Cancer sign comparison is rather like the energies of a Moon conjunction Moon aspect on the partners in this relationship. You have an intuitive understanding of one another which gives you emotional capability, compatibility, and security together.

    MOON CANCER - SCORPIO: Cardinal Water meets Fixed Water.

    Assertive feeling meets immovable feeling. Cancer and Scorpio both become deeply attached, intensely bonded to one another. Cancer tends to be gentle, needs a peaceful atmosphere, a warm and sympathetic, nurturing relationship; Scorpio is passionate, has very strong loves, hates, and emotional reactions to people and situations. Both are sensitive and intuitive to the other’s needs and feelings. Both desire a complete committed union with their partner, and can lose all sense of objectivity within their relationship. Cancer is ruled by the Moon; Scorpio is ruled by Pluto. A Moon in Cancer - Moon in Scorpio sign comparison has similar energies to a Moon trine Pluto aspect. Depth and insight through deep devotion and sincere love, an almost psychic bonding can unite the partners, nurturing them and transforming them emotionally and spiritually.

    MOON CANCER - PISCES: Cardinal Water meets Mutable Water.

    Assertive feeling meets flexible feelings. Both Cancer and Pisces you are highly receptive, tend to absorb the moods of the people around them, and have an intuitive awareness of others' inner feelings and needs. Both are nurturing and sympathetic. Cancer and Pisces need a comforting place to withdraw and replenish. A peaceful home and a harmonious domestic relationship, with close emotional bonds is very important. Cancer seeks to acquire a feeling of personal security through material accumulation; Pisces is spiritually proactive in its goal to escape from the pressures of the world and modern day competition and stress by surrendering the ego and letting things take their natural course. The two signs understand each other very well and can share a loving relationship.

  • cancer and libra?

  • cancer and libra?

    That is listed whatever Libra element sign is. Like water fire air..etc

  • Giboyeaux>>Here You Go...

    MOON CANCER - LIBRA: Cardinal Water meets Cardinal Air.

    Assertive feeling meets assertive thought. Domestic harmony is very important to both signs. Cancer creates a feeling of safety and security through close family ties and creating a nurturing home environment Libra wants a romantic partner, and discovers itself through the balanced give and take of its relationships. Each tries to please and accommodate the other, going out of their way to make their partner comfortable. Both signs are sensitive to their partner’s opinion and approval. Both will try very hard to please and accommodate their loved ones, especially their romantic partner, and both tend to be very sensitive to each others' approval and opinions. Cancer and Libra go out of their way to try to make one another comfortable and at ease. Both signs feel very threatened by interpersonal conflict and you sometimes avoid confronting the more thorny problems or underlying differences in your emotional natures. Cancer will tenaciously assert its emotional needs indirectly through moodiness; while Libra chooses to assert them through even-tempered diplomacy. Cancer is ruled by the Moon; Libra is ruled by Venus. A Moon in Cancer Moon in Libra sign comparison acts rather like a Moon Square Venus aspect in this relationship. Cancer feels challenged by Libra’s seeming inability to relate on a deep emotional level, while Libra feels challenged by Cancer’s habit of functioning more on instinct and feeling rather than logic and reason

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