• MOON CANCER - ARIES: Cardinal Water meets Cardinal Fire.

    Assertive passion meets assertive feeling. Aries wants independence, adventure, and exuberance; Cancer wants security, closeness, comfort and comforting. Aries asserts its desires; Cancer wants a mate to know what it desires. Aries will directly confront; Cancer will come at the matter sideways. Aries needs to be loved; Cancer wants to feel secure in love. Aries is ruled by Mars; Cancer is ruled by the Moon. A Moon in Aries - Moon in Cancer sign comparison acts rather like a Mars Square Moon aspect in this relationship. There can be a high degree of sexual tension. Aries’s aggressive tendencies are challenged by Cancer’s mood swings and needs for emotional security. A turning point may come when Cancer begins to reflects the assertive energies of the Aries partner.

    MOON CANCER - LEO: Cardinal Water meets Fixed Fire.

    Assertive feeling meets stable passion. Both are loyal, materialistic, and very protective. Both give importance to home, family and the nurturance of children. Domestic tranquility is important to both signs. Cancer tends to be moody, cautious, more private, sensitive; Leo is usually sunny, sociable, good humored, but desires recognition, appreciation, and applause. Cancer is intuitively supportive and will not compete with Leo for dominance; Leo needs to feel the favorite or the center of attention. Cancer is acquisitive, anxious, and subjective; Leo is indulgent, dramatically expressive, self centered, authoritarian, and confident. Cancer is circumspect; Leo is direct. The Moon rules Cancer, the Sun rules Leo. A Moon in Cancer - Moon in Leo sign comparison acts rather like a Moon semi-sextile Sun aspect in this relationship.

    This relationship is likely to take extra effort on the part of the partners. Frictions cause by Cancer’s need to feel emotionally secure and Leo’s need for creative self expression are likely to inhibit them both. Adjustments will have to be made for either person to feel that they are able to express or receive love in the way they need to experience it

    MOON CANCER - SAGITTARIUS: Cardinal Water meets Mutable Fire.

    Assertive feeling meets flexible passion. Cancer is cautious; Sagittarius is enthusiastic and optimistic. Cancer seeks a sense of security and belonging through its relationships. Cancer’s approach is tender, sympathetic, nurturing, and supportive of its partners needs. Moodiness, nostalgia, melancholy, crabbiness, concern, worry and anxiety are part of Cancer's emotional repertoire. Sagittarius is naturally quite candid, frank, and rather tactless, and will either ignore Cancer’s moody entirely or tell Cancer to try to lighten up. Cancer likes the familiar, feels closely bound by family ties. Sagittarius seeks new experiences, tends to be outgoing, cheerful, adventurous, independent, and willing to uproot and change residences in pursuit of growth and opportunities. Cancer will share feelings; Sagittarius will share stories about its adventures. Cancer is ruled by the Moon; Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter. A Moon in Cancer - Moon in Sagittarius sign comparison is rather like the energies of a Moon quincunx Jupiter aspect. Friction over extravagance and a lack of will to stick with sound financial planning. Unexpected increases can turn into poor investments, and old debts can come back to haunt you if you don’t reign in Jupiter’s tendencies toward carefree extravagance

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