Reiki session - interpretation on images that I saw?

  • Hi,

    So I had my first reiki session and I saw a lot of confusing images. Would really love anyone take or input on them! Here's what I saw:

    • desert valley with cliffs/hills

    • tower on left, on side of valley, valley heavily vegitated, felt japanese or asian

    • giant red sun

    • yellow is color

    • giant, dirt/sand, pyramid shaped hill

    • full moon behind tree branches

    • a guy who I met once in Peru and remained in touch with via internet, he lives in Salt Lake City (we have a lot of unique passions in common - archaeology and traveling)

    • white tentacles pulling back

    • At the end of the session I thought: I’m not on my path. The guy I'm dating (who isn't Salt Lake City guy) isn’t right

    • Afterward felt earthy, clear, solid, energy turned up.

    So that's all of it in a nut shell. This was a first reiki session and I'm a little confused by all the images. Would love anyone's take on what I saw.


  • This post is deleted!

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