• MOON PISCES - TAURUS: Mutable Water meets Fixed Earth.

    Steady practicality meets changeable feelings. Both of you are peace loving, generous and sympathetic. Both like tranquility at home, share a love of nature, gardening, plants and animal life. Both enjoy music,. Taurus is practical, material, and well grounded; Pisces is impractical and can live in a world of psychic impressions and mind. Taurus wants to experience the physical present; Pisces wants to transcend the past. Taurus and Pisces have an ability to complement and harmonize, as long as Taurus takes the lead in practical living and worldly matters. Venus rules Taurus, Neptune is the ruler of Pisces. A Moon in Taurus - Moon in Pisces sign comparison acts rather like a Venus sextile Neptune aspect in this relationship. Taurus’s emotional desire for sensual pleasure and domestic harmony provides gentle Pisces with an supportive and creative home environment and opportunities to express its higher potentials.

    MOON PISCES - VIRGO: Mutable Water meets Mutable Earth .

    Flexible practicality meets changeable feeling. Virgo loves to organize, had an eye for detail, and is efficient in dealing with the physical world and practical affairs. Pisces tends to be imaginative, artistic, often undisciplined, disorganized, is tolerant, accepting, non-judgmental, and somewhat loose about boundaries, at times displaying no sense of what is socially appropriate. Virgo is logically rational and efficient, a perfectionist, both self-critical and critical of others. Pisces is sentimental, compassionate, and may give unwisely or indiscriminately to people in need. Virgo's intellect rules its emotions. Environmentally impressionable Pisces lets intuition and feelings dominate. Both signs are sensual but tend toward being moody and somewhat pessimistic. Both tend toward temerity and passivity, and can benefit from a close relationship in which they allow their differences to be complementary. Virgo is ruled by Mercury; Pisces is ruled by Neptune. A Moon in Virgo - Moon in Pisces sign comparison is rather like the energies of a Mercury opposition Neptune aspect. Both parties experience a lack of clarity and find that it's hard to keep your thoughts focused amidst the wishful fantasies you project upon one another and relate to the real partners.

    MOON PISCES - CAPRICORN: Mutable Water meets Cardinal Earth.

    Assertive practicality meets changeable feeling. Capricorn tends to be somewhat suspicious, emotionally detached and often distant or inaccessible. Pisces is sensitive and sympathetic, responding emotionally to both positive and negative influences in its environment. Capricorn is responsible, productive, controlling and organized. Pisces is moody, dreamy, irresponsible, unorganized and usually passive. Capricorn accepts the responsibilities and duties of relationships, focusing on providing material support and loyalty. Pisces is idealistic about relationships, attached, somewhat dependant, and looking to create a safe, comfortable home and harmonious domestic life. If Capricorn handles the outer world and Pisces follows Capricorn's lead, these two signs can be compatible even though their temperaments and emotional responses differ. The problems which could arise are likely to be over Pisces need for emotional understanding and support.

    Saturn rules Capricorn; Neptune rules Pisces. A Moon in Capricorn - Moon in Pisces sign comparison acts rather like a Saturn sextile Neptune aspect in this relationship. Capricorn has an opportunity to guide Pisces. Under Capricorn’s direction, Pisces has an opportunity to manifest creativity while Pisces gives Capricorn an opportunity to release emotional barriers and express higher qualities, making a useful contribution to their relationship and the world.

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