• MOON PISCES - ARIES-: Mutable Water meets Cardinal Fire.

    Assertive passion meets changeable emotion. Aries is brash, active, eager to take charge; Pisces is gentle, passive, would rather let things take their course. Aries is enthusiastic, direct, and ready to overcome obstacles; Pisces is vague, with a tendency to seek escape or avoid conflict. Aries feels deeply in the moment, needs to express emotions and forget upsets; Pisces sensitivity makes hurts last, long after the event, and needs to release emotions. Aries needs to feel self-reliant; Pisces needs a supportive partner. Both act instinctively, but so differently that they can spend quite a lot of time repairing unintentional misunderstandings. Mars is the ruler of Aries, Neptune rules Pisces. A Moon in Aries - Moon in Pisces sign comparison acts rather like a Mars semi-sextile Neptune aspect in this relationship. This relationship is likely to demand extra effort on the part of the partners. Frictions cause by Aries competitive assertiveness and Pisces passivity and desire for harmony are likely to inhibit them both. Adjustments will have to be made for either person to feel that they are able to express or receive love in the way they need to experience it.

    MOON PISCES - LEO: Mutable Water meets Fixed Fire .

    Stable passion meets changeable feelings. Home and family are important to both signs. Leo tends to run this show with a naturally authoritarian approach and a need to be the center of attention. Pisces identifies with other people's feelings, tends to very receptive and gentle, and more inclined to forego personal desires in order to make Leo happy. Leo is lucky, optimistic, its tone is vibrant, sunny and warm, will exaggerate feelings, become loud, boisterous, and melodramatic in order to gain and keep center stage. Pisces who tends toward feelings of victimization or melancholy, is rather chameleon-like, emotionally, and can be strongly influenced by Leo’s usually confident mood. Leo is ruled by the Sun; Pisces is ruled by Neptune. A Moon in Leo - Moon in Pisces sign comparison has rather the same energies as a Sun quincunx Neptune aspect. One party will mislead the other or misinterpret their partners actions and intentions because they both have a tendency to see things as they would like them to be rather than as they are.

    MOON PISCES - SAGITTARIUS: Mutable Water meets Mutable Fire.

    Flexible passion meets changeable emotion. Both Sagittarius and Pisces tend to promise more than they are practically capable of delivering, to be emotionally generous and seldom seem to know when to stop or where to set limits. Both signs are capable of a great deal of intuitive insight. Sagittarius is a rather thick skinned, optimistic, romantic adventurer with a strong desire for freedom and experimentation. Pisces is a sensitive, impressionable, artistic dreamer, that tends to avoid abrasive people and situations because Pisces is easily hurt by criticism or unkindness and greatly affected by the vibratory resonance of people and surroundings. Sagittarius tends to be interested in going out, participating in social events, meeting new people and seeing new places. Pisces tends to be more of a home body, seeking security in partnership, and refuge amongst familiar surroundings. “A horse could love a fish, but where would they live?” Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter; Pisces is ruled by Neptune. A Moon in Sagittarius - Moon in Pisces sign comparison acts rather like the energies of a Jupiter square Neptune aspect in this relationship. Sagittarius provides a sense of optimism which fires Pisces imaginative powers, but their luck is challenged by their negligence of responsibility and Pisces’s lack of boundaries

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