Lost ring

  • Ok guys Ive given up hope of ever finding it but just incase I thought I'd ask.

    I lost the ring my parents gave me for my 21st birthday. I lost it in 2004/2005 when I was living in an appartment with someone I didnt particularly get on with or trust. I dont think she has it however.

    All I remember is taking it off and putting it in the handbag I had with me for safekeeping when I was out one day. When I went looking for it, it was gone... I searched th appartment from top to bottom and literally ripped the bag appart, lining and all but to no avail.

    If theres any chance of locating it I know its here...

    thanks in advance for any thoughts on the subject....

  • Daisyfairy, deep down did you think this ring was a bit ugly?

  • No captain, I actually really really loved it. I had taken it off so I wouldnt destroy it with something I was using at work. Its funny cos I often do that with other jewellery and things have gone missing but always turned up.

  • It's just that I am feeling this ring stirred something upsetting in your subconscious and that you don't really want it back. I know your parents gave it to you and that is has a sentimental value but what do you really feel beyond that about the ring itself? Does it remind you of something?

  • Im going to have to think some on that.... I dont have any negative memories or feelings about the ring that Im aware of. I really didnt have it that long before it went missing but there is still alot of sentimentality attached to it. Perhaps Im blocking something out or maybe you're picking up on the feelings I have towards the place and person I was living with at the time it was lost?! Im going to think on it some more... and if you get any other feelings about it I would love to hear them.

    Thanks Captain!

  • I feel like the ring stirred something buried long ago, maybe even in a past life. It might not be this actual ring but something about it could remind you of something else. There is a very bad feeling associated with this ring which I am feeling to call the "Blood Ring".

    You know it could be that this ring belonged to someone else whose memories are imprinted in it. It would need to be cleansed because the things we own carry impressions from all their other owners especially if it is something worn on the body. Is it an antique?

  • Sorry Im so long getting back Captain... one of those weeks!

    It defiitely wasnt an antique but the more you've talked about it the more I've started to remember how I felt with and about the ring and It wasnt always particularly positive. Perhaps it is stirring some emotion or memory that I have long buried away.

    I would however still love to find it... It does have a lot of sentimental value!

  • If you do find it, make sure you cleanse it of any bad vibes by leaving it in a bowl of sea salt and water or out in the sun and let sunlight cleanse it.

  • But I think deep down you don't want it back.

  • Thanks Captain... If I find it (which I really dont think I will... Its gone too long!) I will cleanse it. But you could be right, maybe I dont want to find it... but dont want to admit it yet! point taken... thanks for your time and help! 😄

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