• I am in a complicated relationship and it came from out of the blue. I believe I have a soulmate and I was wandering could it be my current love. My dob is nov 1, 1980 and his is apr 16, 1978.

  • There is passion and mystery here - the relationship is likely to be vibrant and imaginative, though punctuated by occasional blowups. Both of you are extremely sexual and your love affair, often carried on in secret, can reach high peaks of desire and cosummation. However with this comes a high level of emotional turmoil. Your relationship will stir up the deepest emotional layers, and may create trouble for you both in other areas of your lives, completely throwing you off balance.

    You have many differences. You Jdavis will dominate your partner. In a marriage or the long term, you won't approve of your partner's liberalness or his tendency to bring home the latest interesting person he has met. Good at making money go a long way, you will also see your partner's spendthriftiness as counter-productive. He sees the big picture while you hone in on the details. You will try to keep him on a tight rein and he will want to do things his own way - too much blaming and criticism on your part will have a negative effect and drive him away.

    Friendship or a short term love affair has a better chance here than the long term.

  • Hi The Captain,

    Could you please do a love reading on these two Birthdates: mine 2/11/76 his 7/11/78

    The above and I have a very intense connection and seem to be in sync and drawn to each other.

    I once had a soul mate and the feeling is the same (he is deceased) his birthdate was: 7/21/73

    I'm very curious as to what the similiarities and differences would be if you could do reading on my birthdate and each of those. Thank you very kindly!


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