I keep getting the same message cards what does it mean??

  • Ok so for the past week I've been getting the same message cards but in different order and they are saying the same thing I will recieve a message in my dreams and to pay attention in one card it gives me my context and then in the other it gives me the message in the outcome card what does this mean?? Anybody got an answer for me its driving me nuts?? Thanks much appriciated!!

  • Driving you nuts? Let go of the wheel--because you are the one driving--or are you? Put the cards away Spirit says you hear what you hear and still say "are you sure?" They say again eyes rolled ok how many different ways do you want to hear it? Validation is your focus and yet you get the same cards. You must trust the part of your concesness that hears and digests--the seed planted. You cannot think this to death. Spirit says put the cards away and busy yourself with other things--the dreams will come--3. One will make you laugh--one will make you sad and another will show you a fear that holds you back. It is all good.

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