Can Anyone help find my 2 rings?

  • Hi,

    I have lost 2 of my tanzanite rings almost 2 years ago. The last time I wore them was to a friends wedding and when I got home I had put them on my bathroom counter. I remember moving them somewhere safe because a babysitter was coming over and for some reason thought to hide them.

    One ring was from a friend that I received for Christmas 2007 (She wanted me to have it before she died. She is still alive and wanted to see the enjoyment when I open the gift) and other ring from my husband when our second daughter was born Sept 2005. I have looked everywhere and I know they are somewhere in the house but, so far I can not find them.

    I was wondering if anyone could help me? Please.

    Thanks for all your help in advance.


  • I feel you put them in a small box. Have you looked under the bed?

  • Hi Captain

    I have changed my whole bedroom around and there was nothing under the bed. Do you feel what kind, or color the box is?

    Thanks for repling.


  • It feels like a lined box - maybe a jewellery box or something lined with cloth or paper?

  • It could be a drawer also. Have you looked right to the back of all your drawers?

  • I have checked some drawers. I will checked them all tonight thoughly and will let you know what I find.


  • Schumuck. Wow. What a name. What does it mean? Shoe-muck or Schmuck? I had to laugh when I saw your avatar-name. Thanks for giving me a laugh. My name is kinda shocking to some: The hanged woman. Okay, finished with jumping into your thread. Good luck in finding your rings.

  • sch muck is what the stars hide. Good that that word is forbidden. 🙂

  • Hi The Hanged Woman (also a very cool name)

    I am not sure what it stands for. My husband named our last cat Shumuck, we had her for 17 years. With this name I know that not to many people would use of a name like this one. Everytime I see this name I smile and think about her.

    Thanks for the well wishes and finding these rings.

  • I feel they are quite low to the ground so double check bottom drawers.

  • I checked my drawers including the bottom ones and nothing.

    Do you have any other suggestions?

  • I, too, have 2 rings that I cherish suddenly disappear. One is a sapphire and diamond ring that I bought as a symbol of independence during my divorce from a bad marriage back in 1992. The other ring is my graduation ring from college. I have looked in all the places that I usually would have put them, but can't find them anywhere. I do not even really know how long they have been missing before I realized it, because I am not a jewelry person and only wear jewelry for special occasions or events...other than a watch which I wear everyday. Can anyone help me find my 2 rings?

  • Shumuck, what do you have that is on or near the ground? Maybe near a bed.

  • O.k will do. Any particular room or rooms?

  • 2 end tables that have drawers, armoir with 2 drawers and 6 drawers with a mirror and I have checked all of these places. These are in my bedroom. Also a hope chest at the foot of my bed.

  • chris, I think that your rings were stolen, by someone that knows that you dont ware them. Most likely a women, or a gay man. Young though either way. Sound like anyone?

    I am not phsycic, thats just the impression I got

  • Are there other bedrooms in the house because I feel they are beside or under a bed?

  • KarmaComa, what you are saying about my rings being stolen is really troubling. But, my instincts have been telling me the same thing, though been hoping that I am wrong. What is worse, if we are both right, is the fact that the person who did steal them is likely close and has entry into my house. That is what really bothers me, besides the fact that my rings likely ended up at some pawn shop for fast cash. Even though I do not wear the rings everyday does not mean they are not special and cherished. I guess I just keep hoping that my rings will turn up when I least expect it.

  • I'm sorry, how long have they been gone? maybe check the closest pawn shop, If your like me youve got one around the cornor. Thats awful. hopefully were both wrong and they turn up. Do you have a son? If so maybe one of his friends. I know how it sux to have something that means somehting to you taken. If you can Treat yourself to a new ring! : ) maybe one from the pawn shop that you go looking for your old ones at. Good luck Virgo friend.

  • I'm getting confused with these two sets of rings being talked about. This really should be two different threads to avoid mixups.

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