Looking for a little insight...

  • Hello,

    I'm looking for some insight into my love life, career, and finances.

    I am concerned about my financial situation as it pertains to my lofty student loans. I am concerned that by having so much to pay back, I am not only going to be excessively overwhelmed but also fear I wont pursue a graduate degree.

    I fear that I wont find a career field I will be happy with.

    I sense some kind of change coming...but I have been feeling this since September 09 and I wonder if anything is ever going to happen. Am I in the way of myself?

    I also am curious about my love life. Like any single girl, I want love...a someone special.

    If anyone could shed some light on whats going on in my life I would greatly appreciate it. Ive seen nothing but accolades for those people who have assisted others with readings and I would just love it if someone could share their insights with me.

    Sincerely grateful,


  • Tmoe, I feel that the changes you have been feeling have been taking place inside you. Up till now, I feel you have lived your life and made choices according to what you THINK you should do and not what you really wanted to do. Following your head and not your heart and trying to please everyone but yourself will not lead to success. For example, I sense in you strong psychic ability - you could be giving readings yourself but you think that might upset those around you. You also try to please your partners by being what you think they want you to be.

    You can only find happiness through living an authentic life. You have lived for others so long that you will find it hard to decide what it is you really want to do with your life. Big changes need to be made and courage will be needed. But it must be done - start pleasing yourself for once and your life will move forward in leaps and bounds.

  • I appreciate the response Captain 🙂

    What you have said does make sense, but I wonder if I even know how to "live" for me. I have struggled with thoughts of "what do I want to do with my life" since I was 16 years old and I have yet to come any closer to what that is...I am pursuing a bachelors degree and I have a guess at what i want to pursue as a master degree, but I am constantly second guessing my choices when it comes to my career.

    One thing I will say is that I do question my having psychic abilities. You are the first person to say I have them, and though my horoscopes and tarot readings agree with you, I don't know how to "hone" into them if I do have them.

    I honestly wish I could reach out, I see so many I want to help or give advice to....

    I can see what you mean by "but you think that might upset those around you"...

    Yes I think that would be quite possible, something I would worry about, if I knew or thought I had psychic ability.

    Is it possible to have a psychic block? Am I not conscious of it?

    Any suggestions?

  • With your psychic ability, I feel you have a fear of using them for what you might pick up from others about yourself. That it will be negative. So if you really want to use your abilities to help yourself and others, first you must overcome your reluctance and fear. You can help many people with their problems and difficulties. There are ways you can protect yourself or block what you are getting in order to live a 'normal' life when you don't want to be tuned in.

  • I appreciate your help with this matter. I find myself having many more questions now and Im not sure how to ask them or who to ask them to...

    Id rather use my gifts than not, but I wonder if fear of negative thoughts from others is what is keeping me back...or if its maybe a few things. If so, Im not sure how to conquer them.

    How do you tune yourself in?

  • I clear my mind by imagining I am looking at a blank piece of canvas. (By the way, I meditate every day which helps to calm my mind and body. I have also done a lot of block clearing on myself.) You must not force images or feelings to come - they will either come of their own acccord or not at all. It's generally the first things that come to mind beofre logic and reason have a chance to kick in. Once you have that feeling or image, you can focus on that and wait for more information.

    You must be absolutely honest about what you get or it is no good to anyone. Even if it seems hurtful or upsetting. Sometimes people need a short, sharp shock to get them moving forwards. And even if it is a very strange image or feeling - impressions you receive might make no sense to you but could mean something the the person you are reading for.

    Dpending on what sort of psychic you are, you may see, hear, or sense things or a combination of these. I mostly sense things (clairsentience) but occasionally I will see an image or hear a voice or sound (though it's more like feeling it.)

    That's how I do it but you may develop another way that suits you better.

  • PS Like any 'muscle' the more you use your psychic ability, the better it gets. So practise, practise, practise - you have to be brave and tell people what you are receiving so that you get feedback on how accurate - or not - you were. You might be wrong at first but in a way you need to be wrong so that you can understand how to do it right. In making mistakes, you will learn how NOT to use your psychic ability. Find out what works for you.

  • I really and truly appreciate your insight...

    I am going to actively pursue meditation and maybe even yoga so that I can learn to calm my mind. Currently, I have a very active mind and quieting it is going to be my challenge.

    Thank you again and again



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