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  • Ok feeling a tad down.

    I was hoping to get this job that I have interviewed twice for. Each of the two times its come open I have put in a application for it and have be interviewed for it both times. I am in the top 3. They base you on a grading system and I am in the highest along with 2 other people.

    Will this job happen for me? If it comes open again will I get it this time?

    I have one more question to ask but I will wait till someone replies to this one first.


    thats a tad down 😞 sniff sniff

    Thanks in advance!!

  • No, I feel you are not meant to get this job but there is something that you would be much more suited to in another area or position within the company. But you have never considered it for yourself as you do not think you could do it. Have more faith!

  • PS You tend to underestimate what you can do and strive for less than you are capable of. Aim higher.

  • Hi The Captain thanks so much. The job I applied for was a Police Dispatcher position. I have worked in that field before and I love doing it.

    So I need to aim higher. Thats cool. Now to figure out what that is LOL . And I will.

    Now my next question. I am currently in a relationship. Will this relationship last? I know he loves me and cares about me deeply. I can see it in his eyes. We have been together for 3 yrs now. Its had its ups and downs. More ups then downs.

    Thanks in advance


    PS your right I DO tend to underestimate myself a lot. I need to work on that!! 🙂

  • There is a lot of sadness and regret in your partner that I feel keeps him from moving forward. If he can release or work through it, your relationship will be a lot smoother.

  • Also for you, don't let your need for material security hold you back from expressing your creativity and love of beauty.

  • Captain, This part is to me true "There is a lot of sadness and regret in your partner that I feel keeps him from moving forward. If he can release or work through it, your relationship will be a lot smoother." His ex wife really did him wrong. Its a long story. I think its more of a trust issue than anything but I could be wrong.

    this one Also for you, don't let your need for material security hold you back from expressing your creativity and love of beauty." I am not following maybe its a box blonde thing!! I am not into material things. So not sure how to take it. Make sense??



  • I mean that you have a need to feel safe from the challenges of the material world - whether you do that by having money in the bank or having possessions around you, or a secure home of your own, etc. Being secure in a material sense may stop you from taking risks creatively.

    I feel your friend is thinking now that he could have done things differently and better in his marriage.

  • Ahhh ok I get ya now.

    Well I don't own a thing. but 7 Shetland Sheepdogs. I am a show breeder. I am in the process of starting over with a new girl, new lines. She is due to come in season in the first part of April. So she will be my starting over.

    I want to have my own things. I have never own a home. Owned a car at one time. As far as material things I have never own like I said a home etc etc.

    I have been divorced for 16 yrs as of May of 2010. The marriage was not a good one from the start. So made changes divorced him. Moved in with my parents. My son did at one time but he decided to move back "home". I had a good job in another state, but wanting change, when my dad got transfered out of Tx to Alabama I decided to move my son and I here. I didn't realize it would this hard to find a job in the field I am certified in. I wanted a fresh start thats why I am here.

    I am looking and wanting a good job. One I can make it on my own. So I can move out have my own place my own car so I can stand on my own two feet.

    As far as the man I am seeing. His ex walked off and left him and his son. He got up one morning and she was gone. NO NOTE no nothing. HE thought things were good. He didn't hear from her again till his mom told him that his ex divorced him and it was posted in the newspaper. He does not like people that lie or sneak around and do things keep things from him. I am the same way due to my marriage. Like him, it took me along time to TRUST. I kept my wall up and not let anyone in. Due to I didn't want to be burned again. He was the same way. Trust was a issue for him and I both.

    I hope all this makes sense. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

    Thanks again for your time.


  • Oh forgot this, for what I have been told about Pisces and thats what my boyfriend is, they don't like to fail especially at a relationship.They take it personally and seriously. Hes a passionate man. I care for him a lot, well I love him with all my heart and soul. He has shown me I can open up my heart and let someone in and love someone, trust someone. And he has told me the same thing. He cares for me deeply and loves me, hes in love with me. Like I have been told, you can love someone, but being in love with someone is totally different.


  • How can you divorce someone without them knowing? Don't they have to sign papers?

  • She filed the papers and posted in the local newspaper stating she is now divorced from him and she was not responsible for any of his bills etc etc. Make sense?

  • Is that a legal divorce? I would think he has to sign something to finalise it.

  • Yes, it is. She posted it in the paper and he got his papers.

    When I filed and my ex was severed the papers he didn't sign anything. After the Judged granted my divorced he was sent a copy signed by the Judge and I got a copy and the court house got one. That's it .

    My boyfriend got his the same way. He said his ex posted it in the paper and right after that a few days later he got his papers in the mail at his moms. So yes hes divorced. He still has his divorce papers. And so do I. My lawyer told me to never throw them away!!


  • You say your boyfriend loves you. Do you doubt him?

  • No I don't. I know he does, or let me say I can feel he does. I think he doubts that I love him. He has told me that I "don't show it" or "act like it". Its hard for me to show my feelings. That all goes back my Ex Hubby. I would show my affection but my ex would push me away. I will admit I am scared to show my affection in fear of being pushed away. I tell him I love him. I miss him. I am thinking about him. BUT like a friend of mine told me saying it and showing it are two different things. And I do AGREE. He will do anything for. I have to watch what I say I would love to have. If he, my boyfriend, has the money he will buy for me. Hes got a kind and caring heart. THATS what made me fall in love with. I never thought I would find a good man.

    I didn't date from1994 till 2007. He and I have been seeing each other for 3 yrs this August.

    I just didn't think I could find a good man. A honest man. One I could trust with my heart. Till I met him. But he has shown me I can LOVE again and TRUST again.


  • So what's the problem?

  • What's the problem? Well I am 46 living at home and my parents still treat me like a 16 yr old teenager!

    That's why I am looking so hard for a FULL TIME job. One that I know I can make it on my own. I am 46 yrs old and I have to be home by a certain time. I have not had to be home by a certain time since I was 16! So how sad is that?? If you ask me pretty darn sad. YES I understand I am living under my parents roof and they have rules. BUT I have been married at one time. I have a 26 yr old son. ITS not like I am a virgin!!!! I have no privacy. NONE If I am on the phone even my own cell, "who you talking to" "what were you talking about" etc etc.

    My Boy friend, hes been patience and I am so glad that he is. But I can tell its getting old. I don't blame him if he is getting fed up. Hes 49 hes not a teenager. Nor am I.

    Captain, its just a lot of crap. And its building and I fear that it will all come to a blow up and soon. That's what my gut is telling me.

    My boy friend is a good man, and like I said I never ever thought I could find someone as good as him.

    I just don't think my parents want me to be happy I really don't.

    Ok got to end this post starting to cry now. Thanks for letting me vent.


  • Can you and your man not move in together?

  • Sorry took so long to get back...Ok Thats not a problem...I would not mind moving in with him. I just want a job a good job. One that I know is steady and making good money. THAT way if things do not work out I can move out ON MY OWN. And not have to move back in with my parents. Thats why I posted the question about the job I have interviewed 2 times for now. I did that line of work when I lived in Texas. I love that line of work. Thats why I would love to get a job doing it again.

    I am looking twice a day to see if the job has been posted and is open again. I will go and put me another application in again and keep doing so till they hire me OR I land another job else where doing something else till I get the job as a dispatcher.

    Yes I work now. BUT I only make 300.00 a month. I don't pay any bills here but I do earn my keep by helping out around here.

    Plus I am a show breeder. I raise and show Shetland Sheepdogs. My boyfriend he don't get it. LOL thinks that 5 dogs is too many that I only need 1 or 2. Long story.

    thanks for "listen'


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