Loving a Cancer

  • I have been with a cancer guy for 2 years now and I am getting a little frustrated. He seems to nitpick about things I do almost everyday. He is very changeable in mood but I can understand b/c I'm a scorp. I am just getting frustrated because we tend to fuss about the same things all the time. I tried to explain that change takes time and he does not need to point out the issue every time he feels irritated but he does it anyway. Is anybody else going thru the same thing w/a cancer? Any tips?

  • How about giving him a does of his own meds? as in what he dish out to u u dish to him n see how he likes it. sometimes its what is needed.

  • im a libra and my bestest friend is a cancer. the crab would always get me so irritaded somtimes.

    he'll get me so confused. i can never read it, never know what he wants from me.

    inside,I really like the crab.but when it hides, itll change the and be the person everybody think it is;being a big joker,loud,upnoxious.when im at its house the crab sorta changes;it’s more loving torwards me and like to cuddle when we watch movies, and thats all she likes to do when im home with him,watch movies.me as ruled by the planet venus,I allways love the pleasure of bing close to the crab,and i always try to be intimate with it,and gives me these signs like it also wants to, but then somtime the crab would push me away…i would never understand it.

    its like ‘we love to stare at each other but for some reason we never reach out and touch,seems best as a dream’…..but I just want to know how to aprouch the crab.

  • symphonee. I am no expert on Cancers , although I have just split up with mine over 3 months ago , thought I knew him as we were together for over a year . Anyway if you would like to pop over to my thread there are plenty of lovely people there with good advice and funny comments as well . Sandran712 is an expert . " Have I lost my cancer b/f for good " you will be made welcome by all .

  • We've talked since they post and I had to flat out tel him that he is hypocritical and impatient. My dad, nephew, grandmother, and a few friends are all Cancers so I am surrounded by them and I still don't get them. I think the light finally went off for him but I won't speak too soon. It can just be so frustrating and tiring dealing with him. His ability to understand, not just recognize, emotion can be lacking at times.

  • I wish you luck, but you know where we are if you need us . x

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