Feeling Helpless about a breakup with a Scorpio Man...Guidance please!

  • I went through so much to be with this man. He is a scorpio 11/13/81 and I am a Sag 12/19/83. He finally gave into his feelings for me at a very vulnurable time in his life (not typical scorpio behavior)....and I flipped on him out of the blue. I was holding back some things because I have a communication problem (as does he) and I held it all in and I blew up and told him it was over...while he was asleep through text messages because he did not answer my calls...I was crazy and not in my right mind at the time (half asleep). We talked after that and I explained to him where the anger came from, he understands, but he doesnt know if he wants to continue with me because he thinks we will fight...that was the first ever "fight" we had...I felt he was taking me for granted. He asked for some time to think...I have texted him since then because I just miss him so much and wanted him to know I was sorry for acting that way and I am not a psycho chick....he may think I am even more of a psycho now.

    He was just starting to get comfy in the relationship with me and this is only his 2nd relationship...the last one was 5 years ago!

    Will he forgive me? Will he come back? I miss him soooooooooooooooooooooooo much and its only been since Friday that I saw him.

    He is totally and completely ignoring me right now. He was very torn about giving it another chance right after and taking space away from me...and the end of our convo he decided to take space. I dont think what I did was sooo bad...he was coming over to my house every night very very late and I was not getting more than 3 hours of sleep each night, it was messing with my whole life...but his schedule is almost the opposite of mine. I blew up because i thought he didnt care about my sleep and there is more to the issues and the story....but I was helping him out with some things which he was very grateful....can he just throw what we had away over me getting frustrated and blowing up? After everything I did for him? He knows how stressed I have been. HELP!

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