Please help me to identify a tarot card

  • Several years ago I had a reading with a fantastic lady called Jasmine. My son, aged 6 or 7 at the time, was (and still is!) a very talented footballer and we had several football academies hounding us constantly wanting him to sign. Having not had great reports about academies in general I was very undecided what to do. He far outplayed any player in any Sunday league team they played and it was obvious he needed to move up a level. But what to do? So, I asked Jasmine the question "Which path should I take for Jay...?" I picked 3 cards. On one of them was a picture of boy.. His feet were golden and there were gold coins falling out of the sky into his arms which were outstretched to catch them. Jasmine said, "He is going to make his money with his feet. Does he play football?" Upon my reply she told me that he was born to play football. He signed for Arsenal 18 months later and has been thriving there for the last three years. His school have asked him to do a presentation in assembly about his Arsenal career so far and he is wanting to include Jasmine's premonition.

    So my question is this.....

    Does anybody know what deck this card is from? I am guessing it is a pentacle card and have tried googling pentacles and then searching the images but to no avail. I would really love to be able to include it in his story so your help would be hugely appreciated!

    Many thanks...

  • This post is deleted!

  • ARSENALmom i think i have a partial answer for you-

    the card you are looking for is the page of coins, for sure.. i do not know the exact deck she might have used.. but probably it doesnt matter as much.

    i hope u will find it now, knowing what u are looking for-

    congratulations for having such a gifted son

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