A Draining Friend

  • Coffee Gem


    Has your Mom expressed her thoughts and feelings what may occurr !!!!!!!!

    Does your Mom's reisdence has space for this person to move in to?

    Are you living is the same area as your Mom to assist her with a decsion when the time comes?

    How soon do you anticipate this person-friend returning to your mom's community?

    Coffee Gem I hope some of this information helps you or gives you an idea as to what or how you or your Mom may deal with this situation.


    I had a friend who sounds similar to your mom's friend. She used people. Whenever she could she would avoid paying for outings, etc. When her behaviour was explained to her, she felt as though she had not done anything wrong.

    As a result I severed our friendship-relationship. Now when we meet, I am cordual. I may sit and have a coffee with her if we happen to met on the street. She pays for her bill while I pay mine, for if she should pay she made you feel obligated - intedebted to her. The situation escalated when my son bought me a car. She would phone every day to inquire if i would be going out as she want a ride. She lived across town and expected me to drop what I was doing at time to transport her somewhere.

    Her family have voiced the same concern and now rarely visit.


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