A Draining Friend

  • Hi Everyone,

    My Mom has been best friends with a woman for several years but since they've reached their golden years they realize they have nothing in common. The friend indulges in a certain type of lifestyle my mother doesn't want to be around so they only see each other every now and again. The friend is someone who is constantly needy and will pull any emotional string she can to get something out of you. After a fiasco of a living situation with her son, she is now moving out of state to be with another son and his girlfriend. Even though this woman believes this is a good move to make, I believe she will come back and now that she is without living quarters, will ask my Mom if she can live here.

    Aside from the wacky circumstances involved, I don't a good feeling about all of it. I wish her the best but I do not want my mother getting dragged into her drama.

    Any insight would greatly be appreciated.



  • Despite the drama you can rest your mind--your mom will handle this just fine. I see this needy friend latching onto someone else in the future. Any visits with your mom will be cut short and eventually stop. At night you can speak to this woman as a prayer wihile you are still feeling these strong emotions--use conviction in your voice and tell her she is not welcome in your mothers life or house to cause drama--tell her firmly that your mother is loved and deserves her peace--you can even visualize pouring salt around the perimiter of your mothers property and telling her her she may not cross this boundry of protection. Tell her any negative energy she sends your mother will return to her. Mean it then let it go. Your mom will be ok. Blessings

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  • Your mom's friend has a karmic tie to her--is part of your moms journey toward wholeness and not a mistake but a person who brings the reminder to her by way of circumstance to change. People like that are called our shapeshifters. Gifts in disguise. As your mom heals it breaks the dinamics of their relationship and will change the friend as well if she chooses. The friend will at first not want to let go of that kind of relationship as it is all she knows but it won't be the same and as hard as she tries it will not have the staying power it had with your mother so I see her drifting from friend to friend in a toxic way as she in turn meets her shapeshifter. I know it's hard to see how a person can bring about change in such a bad way but life is full of that mystery that sometimes is hard to see up close but makes sense in a big picture view.

  • oh wow, and it makes a world of sense to others who are just reading these 'for fun'. thanks!

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  • CoffeeGem, you're a good daughter. :,-)

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