Enough is enough

  • Why is my husband trying to recconect with me when he hasn't left his pregnant girlfriend? He says he wants to start by being able to talk to each other without fighting. What does he expect me to do? I told him i will not have anything to do with him if she is still in the picture but he continues to see her what's this all about i am trying to move on but he continues to confuse me any advice anyone???

  • He can only go as far as you let him. He may just be one of those men wholikes to keep doors open. So if u leave a crack he'll always be sure to push it open. Maybe you should stand firm in what you believe and act /enforce it. I think that if u want him back you'll have to set the rules, but be mindful that there is now another element. The girlfriend to consider, how much are you willing to put yourself through. I implore you to be BRUTALLY honest with yourself. You know the answer.

  • Africanqn,

    well i do think I know the answer however, why is it just when i start to be strong and I move on he comes back around crying an Saying we belong together, and he doesn,t know what he's going to do?

    Is he playing games just to see how i will react?


  • 228 hon he is the forever kid, goes to play fouls up n expects all to remain as it was no matter how much he screwed up. its like he uses u to make all he has done go away. u know i didnt cheat on u no i didnt knock her up , no i didnt lkeave u, no ididnt move oin with her, no im not ready for fatherhood, no i didnt do all this no im not a bad guy

    hon he made his bed but he is like hellbent on making u lie in his mess.

    HE made the CHOISE to cheat on U!

    He made the CHOISE to knock HER UP!




    Dont b his momma hon dont! just dont!

  • here is a sing for ya 228, listen watch it n feel if it aint a reply to what ya need to do. njoy it babes


  • Thanks Charmedwitchbente,

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