A tale of two soulmates: Hang on or let go?

  • I have probably not so unique a situation where I have met two soulmates. One is difficult to talk to and we are broken up from our past relationship. He is emotionally blocked. I have been hanging on in the background---have been told to be patient---and he will return to me as a boyfriend/lover.

    On the other hand, I have met a soulmate that can calm me and make me feel really comfortable and we can understand each other implicitly. Like we are twins or something.

    Problem: I don't have love feelings for the new man. I like him a lot! It seems like I hit the lottery where he hits on all points that are important to me. But, I am still in love with the ex boyfriend, and have been told we are going to be together and to be patient.

    So, I wondered if the ex is supposed to be a life-partner, or just a soulmate from my past lifetime? and likewise the new bf, is he a flame-twin or life partner and not just a soulmate?

    I am confused!

    Thanks for any help you can give....



  • The tale of being patient and letting your love come back to you is bullcrap... (Sorry for how i put that) How will he know how you feel unless you tell him... At the end of the day you have you to do whats best for you.. Its your choice.. And honestly sometimes when you follow your heart you wind up heartbroken.... But despite all of the advice and what psychics say you have to make the decision. It seems to me that your present lover should be your friend and you should chase after your past lover but only if he feels the same way about you that you feel about him... think it over just do what you feel is best.. if you have anymore questions just reply to my forum called (Ask Me Anything Part.2) i will gladly give you my advice..

  • Dear UnicornMustang,

    As a personal disclaimer I am new at giving insight into situations but your post attracted me so I have looked into your situation. I have concluded that your former bf is indeed a Soul Mate and Twin Flame who has caused you love sickness. He has been affectionate and caring and his actions have spoken louder than his words. It has also been revealed that the new guy is indeed a Life Partner and is a dream that has been fulfilled for you. In spite of all this though you must still look inside your own heart and do what you feel is right. Hope this helps. Sending you lots of LOVE!


  • Thank you Shenita,

    I appreciate your kind advice and will stop by! 🙂


  • Dear 333Tanya,

    I was pleasantly surprised by your insight into this matter. I did not disclose that the former lover presented himself by action and does not like words. Interesting that you were told this. Initially, I was afraid of his emotions and ran from him a lot! That caused him to second guess the relationship (on top of being a double Gemini anyway ---Taurus/Gem cusp and Gem moon) to complicate things more. For some odd reason, he has been the most complicated person to talk to in my entire LIFE! We cannot get along because he insists on being the engine and I'm supposed to be the caboose. I'm also an engine, so we can't even agree to disagree. Things have degenerated to the point we cannot have even a phone conversation without hurting each other with words.

    He said, "I am Hell on the heart".

    The new lover is a dream come true. Odd that I don't feel "in love" with him. I cannot shake the ex lover at all. I cannot tell him how I feel, I cannot see him--he is dating others, I refuse to be a friend with bennies with him, and his Kids are jealous as hell of our relationship. They set me off so I would drive him nuts and that is what happened.

    Oh the drama. I've been told by some to move on, and others to "be Patient" and he will seek me out down the road to get back together. The timing is all wrong with us,,,,even when we dated the auras and timing of everything we tried to do or with each other was off. That was the most painful for both of us. I KNOW he still thinks about me, I Know he can't shake me either. I can feel that stronger every day. I can feel both men. I was told in my numerology that I would want two men at a time and that has seemingly been the case all my life. These are the two I want, but how can that be??

  • Dear UnicornMustang,

    I am pleased that you were able to confirm that at least part of my insight into your situation is correct. It is often the case for Soul Mates/ Twin Flames to run from each other as one or the other partner may not be ready for the intensity of the connection at the same time. A Twin Flame is also supposed to be a mirror image of yourself so everything about you good and bad you will see in your Twin Flame which makes it very difficult for Twin Flames to live peacefully together if they are not ready for true unconditional love. From my own personal experience I believe you will never love anyone to the extent you love your Soul Mate/Twin Flame and neither will you ever be able to stop wanting to be with them hence your statements,"I cannot shake the ex lover at all" and "I know he can't shake me either". But sometimes in life the timing is not right for you to be together and this is what appears to be the case in your situation.

    Speaking from the mind now, when you mention that, "you can't get along and you are constantly hurting each other" you definitely should not be in a relationship like this.

    Now about life partners it is my understanding that life partners are the ones we are meant to marry, have a family with and grow old with. Life partners can be Soul Mates also. Perhaps you don't think you feel "in love" with the new guy because the connection you have with him is not as "intense" as your ex. I think you should give this relationship more time to develop. It is good that you can "feel" him and do want to be with him. I believe you will realize the love in this relationship in time.

    In response to your question about wanting two men at the same time: Of course it is possible for you to "want" two men at the same time but that doesn't always mean that you can "have" two men at the same time. 😉 Hope this helps.

    Sending you lots of LOVE!


  • Thanks Again 333Tanya!

    I just feel like I'm going to get back together with my FT, I feel it in my gut and that is what is driving me nuts because I was the one ready and he was the one who wasn't ready for unconditional love. We also have a push/pull with his teenage kids that live with him. They were jealous and never want their dad to remarry, so no one will be good enough. I was in a no-win situation. Why I feel that we will be together is confusing, because of the fact that we didnt get along after awhile. He changed his mind or something snapped and started a snowball affect inside his emotional private inside. I tried my best, he knows this, so maybe he will try later on when there is less pressure from his kids? I don't know. But it is driving me nuts! He doesn't want to hurt me, and because he knows we can't be together and feels the same way as I do (but a bit different) , that is how we are hurting each other when we speak there is too much emotion and hurt. The subtext is anger and frustration at why we are being drug thru this. I know in his subconscious mind he already decided I am it for him. He is battling his conscious fears of commitment.

    As for the LP, he is over-analyzing and a drama magnet. I can't dig that really. I need to be drama free right now. LOL With school full-time and all, I need to be calm, and that is what attracted me to him was I knew he would be a lover and he made me feel calm. I didn't feel long-term with him the moment we got together. I usually feel something one way or another.LOL

    Well, if you want me to help you in any way to return the favor, just ask my friend!

    Love and Light,


  • Your very welcome UnicornMustang! I do believe one should always do what they feel is right in their own heart regardless of what anyone else may advise them. I wish for your TF to find the courage to accept the unconditional love you offer him.

    Thanks for your kind offer. I don't have anything to ask you at the moment but there may be some time in the future I will take you up on it. 🙂 Sending you lots of LOVE!


  • At any given moment, each of us is exactly where they are meant to be on the path of life. It seems to me that you are moving forward and still discovering new moments, while your old flame is stuck somewhere in his past and unable to move forward. It is rare to be loved/in love and still be open to a new love -yet you have done this and you are so fortunate! You seem tobe craving a deeper connection and more permanence than you had with your old flame - and this wish has been answered for you with your new love! Why keep swimming in the murky waters of the past, when just ahead are the crystal-clear waters and sunlight of the future? Move forward with your life, hold your memories of the past close to your heart and treasure them for what they were, and let your new love grow and blossom!

  • UnicornMustang:

    Your posting pulled at my heartstrings. I have something similar. But this tale is of a missing BF - who has decided to become engaged to remarry his ex wife - and my ex husband - who wants me back so badly. The problem... I do not love my ex husband anymore. Life would be easy but I can't bring myself to lay next to a man for the rest of my life - or try to anyway - and not be passionate about him. But let me tell you, when I met my now ex BF I felt like this was the other side of me that I've searched for. It was so powerful. He felt it, too. He couldn't let me go and eventually he just disappeared and never said goodbye or anything. He feels that he's got to do this for his children. My head understands - my heart simply can't.

    So then here's me. I do feel that perhaps my ex BF took part of me with him and that I need to work to retrieve that piece back. I feel deep inside that one day he will find his way back to my life, but in what form I do not know. I do not believe that you must tell someone how you feel in order for them to know and come back. I do believe that we all have a destiny. Though the path contains millions of forks, eventually we get to where we are supposed to be. So... listen to your inner voice and your heart, but examine it carefully and over time. In my experience that's the only true way to know what the real message is and not just what you want so badly that you can't see any other way. I know that's where I am right now - still trying to decipher truth from desire. Maybe this is where you are. Do you feel an actual empty space inside now that your ex lover is absent from your life? Perhaps you need to retrieve part of yourself, as I feel that I do.

    I agree... everyone must move forward each day. HOWEVER... do not force yourself into a future that you either (a) don't truly want, or (b) are not ready for. One never knows which way the wind will blow.


  • Dear Ladycdf,

    Thank you for your kind input on a similar situation? I appreciate everyone who has responded and like to get opinions and compare to my gut feeling.

    The feeling is still there that the old BF is not gone from my life, but staying with the current BF will diminish that possibility of return. I was told that John will return, and that I need to change some to be more compatible as well as he changing the way he thinks, but that will happen over time and to be patient. In the newer relationship, I am finding many red flags after this past weekend, which has diminished my enthusiasm since I last wrote. There are many issues that came to light that I don't think I can help with or survive spiritually with. I tend to see him as a reflection of my past me that I am trying to leave behind.

    I am starting to think that the new BF came along at a time for me to finish growing up and stop the old behaviors that will help me grow back toward the old BF. It seems clearer now. I never felt a permanance with the new BF when I met him.

    Thank you for your help! Many blessings,



  • Hi UnicornMustang

    Everybody's different, it's one of the rules of the universe, we are each individually unique.

    The power&strength of ourselves is distorted&diminished if our truth is compromised.

    I think you already, trust yourself, do what feels right.

    Loving each other we recognize and celebrate our differences, empowering each other with acknowledgement and acceptance. Having complete faith that another person understands you without having to explain feels really good. Maybe you should take a break from any boyfriend, you'll have Way more energy to focus on yourself + you can be friends with this new guy, you can learn a lot more about a guy as his friend then if you jump in a relationship first, it's like their guards go up or something. Good luck! follow your heart!

    Blessed Be.

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