Anyone can do a reading for me?

  • wondering specifically over the romantic situation i have at the moment, and where my career is going. have a few things im working on, but nothing that i feel i understand at the moment. everything is very much up in the air. would love some insight.



    Believe in yourself and what you are capable of. You are a very strong person with a lot to give as well as receive.

    All I can say - do is wish you the best.

    Is the relationship you are in at a cross road?

    Where would you like your career to go?

    You are where you are meant to be at this time.

    Why are you suddenly questioning yourself? What has changed?


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  • hello lovingsilverwings.

    thanks for the words. i am actually having a bunch of turning points all coming at me all at once, age, relationship, relocated from home, left career, and all seem to have been wrong choices from where i am now. i do know what i want, they are things i've been 100% committed to without condition, and i know i dont want to lose the things i love and have worked hard for and have been patient for. i used to be very much in tune with my partner and my life, and now it seems im just swimming against the grain, and without reason! i know something must be wrong when theres constant discordance, but to walk away and pretend those things arent in my heart isnt something i am willing to do at this moment. i guess practicing my tarot readings on others is just a easy way to distract myself from my own situation.

  • Tonx3

    In order to move forward we must release-let go of the past or what we ar familuar with. Sounds as though you have been purging yoursself of the old physical. It may seem strange to feel as though there is nothing left. The emptiness can seem very loud and unbareable at time.

    I do not sense you are swimming against the grain - current. It just seems as though you are, for everything is strange for you at this time. It is good you are still focused on what you want- desire. I sense you and your partner are both growing in many ways. Depending on you growth path will depend on your togetherness. I am not saying you may part ways, just you both will have different outlooks on your journeys.

    Also, try to remember you both have karma to fullfill in this life. So far, you have shared and learnt from each other. Perhaps it may mean it it time to move onto a new path. Go with a loving heart and spirit.

    I understand what some of you are experiencing as I have done the much of the same during the past 4 - 5 years. I have retired medically, and a lot of people I thought were friends were not. People I worked with for 17 years were just co-workers. People outside of work, well, I was just somebody to call upon when they needed something. Also, I felt so alone with nobody to turn to, as the so called friends did not what to hear from me, not I was a complainer. I usually kept everything to myself.

    I gave of myselt all of my life. So leaving the workforce was a major shock to this system.

    Universe has a way of stepping in to direct you onto the path you are to journey on at this time.

    One thing I do know, is this next phase - journey of my life is going to be fantistic. At this time I have no idea what I will be doing in 2 yrs when I turn 65. I am healing physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.

    I hope some of this assists you with what you are going through.



    julianna loving silver wings

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  • thank you loving silver wings. have you ever heard of any or worked with a shaman? i think a spiritual cleaning would be good to do, but have absolutely no idea where to start.

  • Tonix3


    I am not sure of where you live !!!!! There are many different healer in this world. I am not personally aware of any shamans. I have gone on line and found there are many on site. Although I would be careful of having them, shaman, do a healing on line.

    What I suggest is put the word out you are in need of locating a shaman-healer. The saying-adgage, "WHEN THE STUDENT IS READY THE TEACHER WILL ARRIVE". My sense is there is a person just waiting to assist you. Not sure if male or female.

    There are many. In North America, you have the native indians. While in Australia, there are the native aboriginal. In Africa, there are their own shamans. Many of them are trained in many fields of their spiritual expertise and customs. I sense if you locate a shaman, inquire if they do SWEAT LODGES.

    Your heart of hearts will let you know if the correct person has arrived in your life. Also, there may be more then one person. Sometimes these forerunnres so to speak introduce you to some of the procedures. This perpares ypu for the actual spiritual cleansing.

    I, myself, live in a rural area of south eastern BC, Canada. There are many tribes in this area with many trained in the ways of spiritualism. Even the North western part of the USA has many native tribes.

    I hope some of this helps you on your journey in this life.


    julia l arnett

    loving silver wings

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  • thanks again, i live in nyc. land of anything you want... at a price... which is why i havent bothered searching here. the southwest part of the country or midlands, im sure. but nyc is tricky.

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